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What’s Cookin’? Tortilla Espanola!


Hi there lovely cooking companions!

I was hoping you’d like to join me for another delicious dinner whipped up in less than an hour… so yummy, so simple, so flavorful! This colorful combination of grilled sweet peppers, onions, and arugula is my own tasty variation of Tortilla Espanola. Basically, it’s a heartier, firmer, flatter version of your good ol’ fashioned omelette…. and frankly, it’s a heck of a lot easier than messing around with all that flipping business. What do you say? Shall we put on our collective virtual aprons and get cracking?


  • 3 sweet red peppers
  • 4 small potatoes
  • 1 onion
  • chunk of desired cheese (I used pecorino)
  • handful of arugula
  • 6 eggs

Step One: Preheat the oven to 200 C (400 F) on the “grill” setting. Wash the peppers, cut off the stem, and remove the seeds. Don’t worry about the skin on the peppers, it will slip right off after a bit of time in the oven. Before sticking the peppers in the oven, place them on a layer of aluminum foil or wax paper (they have a tendency to leak juices while cooking).

Step Two: While the peppers are grilling, peel and chop your potatoes. Warm a bit of olive oil in a heat-resistant pan over a medium flame and add the taters. Allow the potatoes to brown just a bit, and then add a cover in order to make the potatoes softer rather than crunchier.

Step Three: After about 15 minutes, once you see the skin of the pepper “bubble” up, flip the peppers. The peppers should be sufficiently grilled after 30 minutes. You will notice a blackened, bubbly skin, which is just perfect. Remove the peppers, and allow them to cool for just a few minutes. Keep the oven on, though, since you’ll need it again in just a few moments.

Step Four: Once the peppers have cooled enough to handle without burning yourself, remove the skin. The grilling process should allow the skin to peel right off. After you’ve removed all of the skin, chop them into bite-sized bits.

Step Five: Now is the time to add your eggs to the pan o’ potatoes. Simply crack the eggs right on top of the potatoes and mix up the yolks and egg whites just a bit.

Step Six: Crumble your cheese on top of the “omelette”. Once you notice the egg whites thickening and cooking through, place the arugula leaves on top of the whole shebang.

Step Seven: When you’re confident that the omelette is 90% cooked through, it’s time to stick it in the oven. 10 minutes in the oven should allow for the remaining 10% of cooking time, making the top of the “omelette” just as well-done as the rest.

When you take the tortilla out of the oven and cut it into slices, remember that the handle will be very hot!

All that’s left to do is slice it up, serve it up, and eat it up! I like to add a few dashes of chipotle Tabasco- the chipotle flavor really complements the grilled peppers.

*Disclaimer* Instead of grilling the peppers yourself, you can also use jarred grilled peppers. This will reduce the cooking time from about 40 minutes to only 15-20 minutes. I’ve tried it, and, to be honest, it’s equally as delicious.

Thanks for keeping me company while we were busy in the kitchen! I wish you all a wonderful evening, and bon appetit! :)

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  1. Ale #

    I love this!!! Best hangover brunch food ever! with some champagne of course…

    February 24, 2013

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