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Vivacious Venice Beach

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Venice Beach is very… vivacious, volatile, vibrant, voyeuristic… vreemd? It’s a place where you can see a person wearing a “9/11 Was an Inside Job” poster casually walking past someone wheeling around a shopping cart full of weed plants and¬†marijuana¬†memorabilia. You can watch a dog laying on its back, begging for money right next to a drum orchestra rockin’ out to a rhythm all their own. An elderly man rides his bike up and down the promenade, a bag full of shoes in his hand, yelling first about how no woman can resist his sexual temptation and then screaming about someone trying to kill him. Street performers galore. It’s both incredibly inspiring and a little frightening at the same time. Whatever you may say about Venice Beach, the relaxed vibe and alternative lifestyle that fills the air is definitely an eye-opener.

I would have taken a lot more pictures, but so many of the most entertaining get-ups and concepts have signs asking for money in exchange for photographs. Shucks.
Another popular attraction along the Venice Beach promenade is Muscle Beach. It’s home to the founder of bodybuilding, Joe Gold, and was frequented by buff bods such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jack LaLanne.
Usually you can see bodybuilders and actors alike training on the various machines and agility courses intended for public use. Just my luck, on the day we decided to walk around this guy was one of the only patrons taking advantage of the fitness equipment. Arnold?! You’ve gone down hill since you became California’s very own Governator.

My previous post on Venice Beach gave a bit of history and a short introduction of Venice Beach. I hope this more detailed account filled in all the gaps!
If you have a chance to swing by Venice Beach during your visit to L.A., you will get a crash course in all the funnies, crazies, and cools that Southern California has to offer.
Have a great day, and remember, being weird is better than being boring!

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