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The Traveling Bouquet: Ghent

ghent bouquet 15

Hi guys!

During our recent adventures throughout the region, a Lonely Bouquet decided to tag along with us on a relaxing train ride to Ghent!

We caught a train in Vise and toured throughout the countryside of Belgium before arriving in the historic city full of cathedrals and canals. This little Lonely Bouquet decided to become a Traveling Bouquet… to stay in the new city, see some sights, and wait for a local to take her home!

Don’t let her pink flowers fool you- this lil’ lady was ready to hit the town!

She enjoyed a delicious lunch at Cafe Godot and toured a bit around the city before waiting on top of a fountain for any handsome passer-by to notice her. Her pretty pink flowers drew quite some attention, but it took a little while for her to disappear into the crowd.

Allow me to show you some of the sites this Traveling Bouquet was able to check out during her short jaunt around town!

She took a tour through Ghent’s medieval Gravensteen castle whose top tier offers a panoramic view over the entire city center.

She enjoyed a stroll throughout the historic center of the city where bell towers and cathedrals pop up regularly.  Among others, there are beauties like the Bellfry of Ghent, the Saint Nicholas Church, and the Saint Bavo Cathedral.

The canals offered scenic boat tours of the city, but the Traveling Bouquet shied away from these tours due to the inclement weather. She didn’t dare get her petals wet!

I haven’t heard from the Traveling Bouquet since we dropped her off in Ghent, but I’m sure she’s enjoying herself! Her friends here in the garden are already eager to travel around and see all the fun areas our region has to offer, so stay tuned for the next Traveling Bouquet!

Have a great day, and I’ll see you tomorrow! :)

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