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The Lonely Bouquets Have Landed… in Beverly Hills!

beverly hills montage

Hi everyone!

Phew! I can’t tell you guys how happy I am to finally bring a little Lonely Bouquet love to my home state! Woo-hoo! Since California (especially Southern California) enjoys a plethora of flowers pretty much year-round, I didn’t have much difficulty plucking all of the fillers and greenery right here out of my sister’s garden. Her dahlias and roses are just starting to sprout buds, so it’s a bit of a waiting game, peering out of the window every morning to see if those lovely pops of color have decided to burst open.  I received the go-ahead to pick some elegant white calla lilies from Eva’s front yard. Alas, no other focus flowers were really in bloom, so I paid a visit to the local Trader Joe’s. I scoured the floral section and finally decided on a few packages of fairly-priced hydrangeas and scented stock. Yum!

When combined with a varied selection of asparagus ferns, twigs of berries, scented geranium leaves, jasmine vines, sprigs of rosemary, plumes of burgundy grass, and iceberg roses, the white flowers were transformed into chic-yet-crazy Lonely Bouquets. I loaded the flowers into the car, relied on my mom for directions, and ventured into Beverly Hills.

Chic Cherlene was the first of the flowers to fend off the paparazzi in the 90210. She stood front and center near the Beverly Hills sign as tourists snapped their pictures.

Cherlene was taken home by the lovely Andrea and her pretty pooch, Misho!

Next up was Fancy Francine. Her scented stock perfumed the park around her with a spicy-yet-sweet fragrance.

She rested near the foot of an AWESOME tree where tourists from out of town stopped to stare. Unfortunately they lived too far away to bring her precious petals home with them. Shucks!

My flower friends and I decided it was time for us to head “downtown” to the chic shopping strips along Beverly and Rodeo.

Classy Clarissa figured she’d try her luck at the intersection of S. Santa Monica and Beverly Drive. There were lots of shoppers milling about, and she thought someone might pick her up, take her for a spin in their fancy car, and bring her home!

Lots of looky-loos enjoyed her fashionable flowers… but did anyone adopt her?

Posh Polly and I continued on toward Rodeo Drive.

She perched upon a wooden bench outside of Georgio Armani where she received the attention of a local homeless man. I asked him if he’d like to adopt Posh Polly… but he wasn’t too interested. He went along his merry way and left Polly alone on her bench. Don’t worry about Polly, though. She wasn’t alone for long. She was adopted later that afternoon by the wonderful Sherry! Yay!

We decided to head toward the Sunset strip… passing the Beverly Hilton on our way.

Barely a few minutes after turning onto Sunset Blvd, we drove past the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Trendy Tiffany spotted a bus stop near the hotel and decided it was her time to shine. She sat on the bus stop bench, hoping to put a smile on some stranger’s face.

… and she did! A lovely lady was nice enough to take these flowers home to her mother, Irene. Isn’t that so sweet?

Even though I didn’t have the flowers from my own cutting garden at my disposal, it was so much fun getting to do the first round of Lonely Bouquets here in California! After all, who am I to complain? There are a heck of a lot more flowers growing here than in the winter wonderland that Belgium has become since I’ve left! :)

I’ll be sure to keep the Lonely Bouquets going during my time here in California… so stay tuned to find out where they pop up next! :)

Have  a wonderful weekend, and I’ll see you on Monday!

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