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The Last of the Lonely Bouquets

bye collage

Hello, everyone!

Another weekend has come and gone, which means that another Monday awaits! Yippee, right? Well, after all of my musings over what to do with the dwindling garden, it seems that a killer frost came along and made my decisions a whole lot easier. I guess my reverse psychology worked! Now all I have to do is get up off of my lazy but and get to work :)

On Friday evening, I could sense a chill in the air and had a sneaking suspicion that a frost might settle in overnight. In preparation for a potential case of sudden death, I waltzed around the garden with my cutting shears and picked the rest of the blossoms and buds. In combination with some left-overs I had at home (dramatically dark-centered anemone and white roses), I fashioned up three of this season’s very last Lonely Bouquets.

Dahlias, inherited garden roses and one large Terracota rose, lupines, painted sage, and sweet peas were the best that the tired garden could muster up. Luckily the left-overs added a little extra “oomph” to the posies.

I headed down to the local abbey, where under the careful supervision of a flock of sheep, I went about leaving the Lonely Bouquets behind.

The first of our flower friends was placed on a wooden bench frequented by walkers and hikers. Luckily for these frost-bitten flowers, they didn’t have to brave the chilly temperatures for long. It didn’t take but a few minutes for the bouquet to get swooped up and taken home!

The second brrrrr-bouquet was placed in front of the arching entryway to the abbey’s courtyard. It was still patiently waiting when I drove away… so I can only hope that someone gave the flowers some shelter.

It looked, to me, like Maria could use a bit of company. I like to think of it as a win-win situation- both Maria and the flowers could enjoy each other’s company. Even if the bouquet didn’t find a new home right away, at least it wouldn’t be all that lonely.

Then it was time for me to part ways with the very last of my flower friends… to drive back home empty handed.

I can only think of all the fun that awaits, hidden in the hopes and dreams of next year’s garden. Who knows what adventures we’ll get up to when springtime rolls around! :)

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  1. Such beautiful Fall gifts to Mary or whomever…you offer lovely stories and thoughtful deeds. You have a beautiful soul, you know. xxoo

    November 19, 2013
    • Emily #

      Awwww, you’re too sweet, Elizabeth :) xxx

      November 21, 2013

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