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The Fountain of Youth

holy water 6

Hi everyone!

With all this talk about time flying by and life always seeming too short, I thought I’d share a little local secret with you guys… I have found the legendary and illusive fountain of youth!

We have to be sure to keep it just between you and me, because if word of this local hotspot gets out, resources could run low and we’d all get cheated out of eternal youth. This special water spring has been around since before the tiny village of Saint Jean Sart was born in 1216. I’ve always wondered how so many elderly Europeans stay so active and fit… now I know the secret!

Armed with water bottles, we ventured out on a walk to fill up on our daily dosage of youth serum.

We sipped, rinsed, and washed in the chilly holy waters.

Unfortunately we weren’t the only ones to summon the magical properties of the natural water spring. Another family followed close behind and took a full body bath in the water. You might not believe it… but these “children” are actually 35 by now!

If these kids stay so young-looking, just imagine how well the youthful springs will protect me against wrinkles and grey hair!

All joking aside, I think it’s most important to remember to remain young on theĀ inside. Sure, you might get a few grey hairs here and there and smile lines might decide to stick around, but as long as your heart stays happy and your imagination can run wild, you’re sure to ward off early signs of aging.

And what better way to keep you young than getting to pet a frolicking pony. This chipper little guy followed us through a field on our walk back home. We made sure to give him lots of cuddles before heading off in our own direction back home.

He was sad to see us leave, expressing his disappointment with emphatic “neighs”. He served as our final reminder that life is what you make it. Be young, stay young… but above all, enjoy the ride! :)

Have a wonderful day, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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