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Sweet Pea Smorgasbord

Charlies Angel, Flagship, King Size Navy Blue, Old Times and Blue Velvet

Hi everyone!

Okay, so you already know I’m a rain-aholic, but did you know that I’m also addicted to sweet peas? I just can’t get enough of these prolific bloomers fully of pretty, perfumed petals!

I’ve always experimented with several varieties of sweet peas, but this year I really outdid myself. My eyes were bigger than my borders, which led to a bit of extra work… but boy was it worth it! This spring I planted Royal Maroon, Flagship, Beaujoulais, King Size Navy Blue, Charlies Angel, Blue Velvet, Old Times, Castle of Mey, Sugar Almonds, Blueberry mix, Peach Cobbler mix, Wiltshire Ripple and a row of Royal mixed.

The best thing about this continuous bloomer? The more you cut, the more you get!

Here are a few of the lovely specimens:

Some took longer to bloom than others, but I’ve already decided on several favorites that will most definitely be making a come-back next year. My absolute favorite is Charlies Angel… it’s large, ruffled flowers are the most wonderfully soft shade of lilac. A close second Blue Velvet, followed by Wiltshire Ripple and Old Times. I know you can’t see it very well in the picture, but Old Times is a beautiful cream color with touches of violet along the edges. If you’re wondering what all the orange is in the background, I have lots of volunteer California Poppies that pop up to say hello every year.

Sweet peas make a scrumptiously simple bouquet on their own…

… but they are also one of my favorite filler flowers for bouquets. They don’t last forever, but, hey, who could expect such beauty to never fade? You can count on them to stay some-what fresh for a good five days in a bouquet. Those first few days of the scent of sweet peas in the air are so worth it! :)

Be sure to cut all the flowers you can get in order to prevent the plants going to seed (forming pea pods) and you’ll have a non-stop show of “kleur and geur” until the first frost!

Have a wonderful day and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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  1. Aha! So that’s where I’m going wrong with my sweet peas – I haven’t been cutting the flowers! Now I know… Yours are so beautiful! My first proper gardening experience was growing a packet of sweet peas for a school project. Mum and I did it together and it was awesome :) They were really well scented ones, and grew really high. They made me so happy :)

    I might grow a couple of the varieties you mention. It’s always good to have personal recommendations :) I love that you enjoy your garden so much.


    July 20, 2012
  2. Emily #

    Haha Virginia! Yes! Cutting the flowers is very important (and great for bringing their wonderful scent into your home!). If the plants have the opportunity to go to seed, they won’t feel the need to produce more flowers… so cut ‘em all! :)
    What a fun project for you and your mom to do together! :) I used to love gardening with my mom too.
    If you like the light blue color, I’d really recommend Charlies Angel. I can send you more pictures of all the specific varieties if you’d like to narrow down your favorites! :)

    July 20, 2012

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