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Sunshine and Happy Dogs

sunshine collage

Hello again, friends!

With the sunshine and blue skies we’ve been enjoying lately, it seems as if winter might never rear its head this year. As hard as it is to imagine a winter with no snow, you won’t find me rushing to exchange these ¬†muted and mellow days for our usual frosty mornings and frigid nights. Not only does it allow me to get out and about and be part of nature, it also offers a wonderful opportunity to burn off some steam letting loose and having fun. And my little four-legged friends couldn’t agree more!

Although they are both big fans of snow, neither Dieter nor Heidi care much for the rain. Something about their low-to-the-ground barrel chests and wet grass don’t mesh well. Heidi will tolerate a wet belly, but Dieter hates it. After a minute of trudging through the moist foliage he often opts to stubbornly sit and stare at you as you continue through the field.

Give him some sunshine and crisp grass, however, and he’s a different dog! He leaps like a gazelle (albeit a teeny, tiny midget version) over the tufts of grass in search of a tossed stick or ball.

Me? I’m much happier galloping through the dry fields as well. I appreciate rain and all of the life it brings, and I love enjoying the sweet music it makes from the coziness of my bed or the couch… but I’m not the biggest fan of trekking through mud and digging while drenched. It tends to put a damper on things… literally.

So, pardon me, Punxsutawney Phil, while I enjoy these wonderfully sunny days that are dangerously reminiscent of spring. What does a groundhog know about seasons anyway? If this is his idea of a long winter, then bring it on! :)

What about you? Are you guys faring as well in the weather department?

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