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summer 4

Hi everyone!

After a few hot days and warm evenings, it’s finally beginning to feel like summer! As I was out and about today, taking care of some Lonely Bouquet distributions, I began to think about all the sights, sounds and smells that represent summer to me.

The smell of linden blossoms hanging in the air. The tranquility of a midday snooze in the hammock. The sounds of tractors busy wrapping up bales of hay before the next storm moves in. Picking (and eating!) fresh berries from the bush. Flowers… lots of flowers.

Last but not least are the sunsets. The long days of summer invite us all to relax, grab a nice cold drink, and enjoy the days to the fullest. Whether it’s spending a lazy evening at a “terrasje”,¬†barbecuing¬†at home, or chatting away with friends, nothing says “summer” like a long, warm evening.

Enough about me. What does summer mean to you guys? What comes to mind when you think of all the things you love about summer?

Enjoy your beautiful summer day, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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