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Starting the Day Off Right

breakfast 2
Hey there!
Sometimes, when I wake up in the morning here in Belgium, the only thing I crave is…
Okay, minus the bananas for me, but man-oh-man are good ol’ American pancakes tasty. And omelettes. And french toast. And, and, and… :)
Stay tuned for a fun fusion recipe I’ll share with you guys… where Belgium and America meet!
We’re back to bouquets of the day, yay! Today’s bouquet: Bright Lights
This brightly colored bouquet is made with both wild and cultivated cornflowers, salvia Mainacht, hosta leaves, lady’s mantle (alchemilla), Mr. Fokker anemone, Jolly Bee geraniums, and euonymus branches, and flowers from salvia lavendulafolia.

Have a wonderful day, and be sure to check back in tomorrow for a fun and tasty project!

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