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Sowing Seeds of Sweet, Sweet Summer

sowing collage

Welcome to a fresh new week, flower friends!

I hope the weekend treated you kindly, leaving you refreshed, rejuvenated and full of new energy. Sunshine poured through the windows this morning as the birds chirped in the garden, which made it nearly impossible to deny the sneaking suspicion that spring has sprung. From the very first violets to crocuses covering the grass, a distinctly spring atmosphere has swooped down upon us.

There’s no inspiration quite like Mother Nature… she really knows how to get you in the mood, keeping you on your toes and gently pushing you in the right direction. With weather like we had today, it’s impossible to stay cooped up inside. Alas, I promised myself that I would get some seeding taken care before heading out to spend a blissful afternoon in the garden.

I’ve been itching to get some sweet peas off to an early start indoors, so this morning was all about getting them soaked and ready for planting. Soaking the seeds prior to popping them into their little pots is optional, but I find that it really does work well. It might be tricky to tell from the photos (taken several hours apart), but the small seeds swell to about twice the size and soften up quite a bit. This short bath allows them to germinate more quickly, giving them a healthy head start on their journey toward maturity.

I’m trying out some new varieties this year as well as some seeds left over from last season. This is me being super organized, by the way. Labeling and tagging isn’t usually my strongest suit, which, in the long run, doesn’t seem to hurt my final judgement calls as to which varieties make the cut and which will get the boot. Luckily the varieties that I’ve grown have been relatively easy to tell apart once they begin to blossom. This year, however, I really want to keep everything organized right from the get-go. We’ll see how long that lasts!

I won’t be going crazy with early sowings of sweet peas, though, since a hefty number of volunteer seedlings are already happily growing in the garden. Thanks to a combination of our incredibly mild winter and my laziness in harvesting last years seeds, this is the first year that I’ve seen such a surprisingly large turnout of healthy-looking baby plants.

I suppose my next task will be removing all of last years debris from the trellises and raking the soil clear of weeds. Then I’ll pinch the baby plants back to promote bushier growth and transplant them against the trellis.

Hopefully this succession of sowings will keep the sweet peas coming all throughout the summer… ’cause, let’s face it, you can never have too many sweet peas! :)

Have you guys already gotten started with seed-sowing? What’s growing on your windowsill or in your cold frame?

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