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Snowdrops… Not Snow

snowdrop collage

Hello everyone!

I’m happy to report that both today’s skies and mood were of a much sunnier sort. Yippee! It’s amazing how a bit of sunshine and fresh inspiration can lift your spirits. Although the temperatures have taken a bit of a dive towards freezing, it’s still generally enjoyable to spend some time outside. This is an opinion that the plants and flowers seem to share. Tiny green shoots of grape hyacinths are peeking through the ground, and snowdrops and hellebores are nearly in full bud.

Being the proud new owner of an awesome thrift store find and the impatient gardener that I am, I couldn’t resist plucking a few sprouting spring bulbs to bring indoors. Tucked behind a smorgasbord of random kitchenware, this footed tin dish (maybe there’s a more technical name that I’m missing?) was calling my name. I happily snatched it up, paid my pennies and brought it back home to meet my other tin friends.

Not sure if it’s a genuine antique, but who cares! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? :)

To get started on my little preemptive springtime spectacle, I lined the bowl with a layer of chicken wire. Since this vessel wasn’t particularly meant to house living bulbs, there aren’t any drainage holes… the chicken wire will hopefully make the process of watering the bulbs a bit easier.

Before adding the snowdrops and dirt, I lined the chicken wire with a layer of moss in order to create a sort of planter within a planter. Then it was time to gently tease apart groupings of snowdrops and arrange them within the bowl.

I tucked them into a thin layer of dirt before adding a dressing of moss to make everything look neat and tidy.

If we can’t enjoy a skiff of snow, I’m happy to enjoy my little snowdrops instead! For as long as they continue to blossom, they’ll grace our little coffee table with their light and airy presence. After their curtains have closed and their performance has ended, back into the ground they’ll go!

Forcing bulbs and snipping branches are wonderful ways to make springtime come early. The pussy willows are beginning to burst and I’ve already seen fruit branches of all sorts being sold at the market. So why not treat yourself to a simple spring pick-me-up and trick your brain into thinking colorful thoughts of new life! :)

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