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Scavenging for Seeds

seeds labeled

Hello everyone!

Today’s post might look a little brown… indeed, this time of year marks the end of the road for many show-stoppers in the summer garden. Depending on when you sowed your seeds, the stars of the early season have come and gone. Feverfew, Queen Anne’s Lace, cornflowers, Sweet William, delphiniums, poppies… we give your performance a standing ovation.

But wait! Don’t give up yet! What looks brown right now actually packs the most potential for green. What now looks withered and dead holds the key to new life come next spring. So let’s get out our cutting shears, start dead-heading our plants of seasons past, and harvest some seed!

For this sneak-peek preview of next week’s project we harvested cornflowers, sweet william, opium, California and shirley poppies, clarkia, painted sage, queen anne’s lace, feverfew, and chamomile. This might sound easy, but we slaved for a few afternoons picking tiny seeds from each individual pod. Some were easier to collect (chamomile, feverfew, sweet william, and the poppies), while others proved an arduous task (painted sage and cornflowers).

Each seed variety was sorted into separate containers where they patiently waited to be put to good use!

Do you guys have any seeds that are ready for harvest? Usually the plants will look yellow or brown, and many will have swollen seed pods that just scream “pick me!”. If harvesting seeds sounds like too much work, don’t fret. Most plants will self-seed freely if left to their own devices.

Have a wonderful day, and I’ll see you all tomorrow!

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