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Rustic Bouquet Full of Flavor

hops collage

Hi there flower friends! :)

I hope the sun is shining in your neck of the woods! Today we got treated to a beautiful early autumn day. What’s different about autumn, you ask? Well, it’s mostly about the beginning and the end… the mornings and the evenings. The morning sun rises across a thick sea of mist before eventually breaking through and bringing a blanket of blue with it. The evenings cool down quickly, a sharp reminder that summer is over. While misty mornings are a common occurrence in September and October, such a dramatic start to the day is very rare during the months of summer. I hope you’ll forgive me, but on such a bright, sunshine-y day, I couldn’t resist putting together another warm bouquet full of happy hues.

I passed a large shrub intertwined with wriggly vines full of hops, and I knew that I had to snip a few heavy stems to bring back home. Although it is apparently a native plant here in Europe, I couldn’t tell if these vines were planted on purpose or conveniently left to grow freely. Either way, I was happy to sneakily snag a few small pieces of the pretty plant.

Do any of you guys feel slightly guilty cutting from nature? When possible, I always try to restrict my foraging to my own property or among roadside plants destined to be victims of the community’s monthly mowing. Every now and then, though, I just can’t help myself. The two hop plants that I added to the garden this spring are puny and bald… so my eyes lit up when I saw a big bush of hop “flowers” growing along the road.

Once in the safety of my own garden, I felt free to roam around with my scissors. I picked a variety of sunflowers, yellow dahlias, orange dahlias, and everything in between.

I feel like these golden shades of sunshine really represent the saturated sunlight of autumn. Yes, autumn has lots of fiery reds, plum purples, and rich rubies… but the lingering summer still leaves so much brightness for us to enjoy.

I know my days of playing with flowers are numbered, so I hope you’ll allow me to indulge in a little extra quality time with these ephemeral beauties. Waking up to misty mornings reminds me that the first frosts might not be too far away… best to take advantage of the flowers when they are still alive and full of color!

I hope this bright and cheerful arrangement leaves you excited and ready for a fun weekend… and maybe even a glass of beer!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone, and I’m looking forward to seeing you again on Monday :)

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