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Pondering “Home” and Misty Maastricht

maastricht 2

Hey guys!

I hope you’re psyched for another weekend. Woo-hoo! Sometimes it amazes me how quickly a week can pass. Sheesh. Even more so when you are busy packing up your bags and getting yourself ready for a flight half-way across the world! That’s right, Fleuropean is heading “home” for the Holidays!

As much as I’d love to bask in the wintery goodness of just one white Christmas, I’m always filled with an incredible sense of warmth knowing that I’m heading back to my roots to spend time and celebrate with loved ones.

As fun as it is being able to call two wonderful worlds “home”, I’m always caught off guard by the waves of sadness and excitement that take turns crashing over my psyche. Simultaneously feeling excitement at going “home” and sadness at leaving “home”. Confusing, huh?

Anywho, most of you probably know that 99.9% of the time, San Francisco, my favorite city by the Bay, is shrouded in a thick sea of fog. Okay, 99.9% is an exaggeration, but you get my drift. Understandably, I was amused to stumble upon my favorite city by the… river in a similar state of misty-ness.

The only ones that seemed to fully enjoy the cold air and the thick, grey skies were the birdies. It seemed to give them a sense of freedom, a new license to fly the friendly skies!

The seagulls in particular were going crazy, swooping low and sailing through the thick atmosphere.

Tomorrow I’ll be making my way toward Amsterdam, getting ready to fly the friendly skies with (*fingers crossed*) the same sense of freedom as the birds of Maastricht. I’m looking forward to including you all in my adventures back in California!

Have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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  1. ineke #

    Amazing photo’s !!! have a good flight Emily, I know that feeling of flying. I even don’t like…have a wonderful time at the otherside…love Ineke

    November 17, 2012
    • Emily #

      Thanks Ineke!! I’m not crazy about flying either… but I know it’s one of the only ways to reach new adventures! :) Hopefully we can meet again and exchange some travel stories when I return! :) XXX

      November 17, 2012
  2. Ale #

    california…knows how to party! (even if it’s san francisco) :)
    have fun!!

    November 17, 2012
    • Emily #

      Haha! When it comes to the party scene, SF can’t exactly compare to NY. LA, on the other hand… I guess most of my “partying” this year will include eating turkey and singing karaoke :P Do you guys still celebrate the typical American holidays?

      November 19, 2012

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