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Overcoming Obstacles

puppies 8

Hi guys!
It’s that time again. Another round of puppy pictures!
They’re just the cutest little things. I think this age (about eight weeks) really showcases all the cuddly cuteness that comes to mind when we think of puppies.
They are slowly learning to tackle various obstacles that life throws in their direction.
Today’s obstacle: stairs.

The puppy we’ll refer to as Lil’ Miss Blenheim (Eva and Casey resist the urge to name the puppies in order to minimize the risk of becoming too attached) was the first to give the stairs a go. Her initial attempt was futile, so the three little guys had a pow-wow at the bottom of the stairs.
They decided it was Ruby’s turn to go next. When the obstacle proved too challenging for him, he gave me the most helpless stare.
They continued practicing for a little bit, until it all proved too much. Exhausted, the three musketeers ventured back to Mommy- an obstacle much more easily conquered.

These little bundles of energy are a great reminder of the importance of persevering in the face of a daunting obstacle. Even if at first you don’t succeed, you’ll always have another chance to give it a go again!
Have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll see you guys on Monday!

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