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Ocean Escapade

boat collage 1

Hey there, everyone!

Today I wanted to take you back to California with me, to reminisce on an amazing adventure we had aboard a small catamaran out in the ocean. Fitted with just enough space to be cozy and wind-free if need be and with an awesome front “trampoline”-type netting where we could ride, the Zephyr was perfect for our whole family to get out on the ocean and enjoy the beauty of Southern California’s coastline.

While it might sound a bit swanky, we weren’t out for a luxury cruise… we were eager to ride the waves, do a little paddleboarding, snorkel through the kelp forests, and catch a glimpse of some pretty spectacular wildlife.

The ride toward Paradise Cove was full of intense winds and lots of excitement- the calmness of the ocean occasionally interrupted by obnoxious jet-skiers. We enjoyed watching seagulls flying overhead and sea lions sunning themselves. Curiously enough, apparently if they need to either heat up or cool down they stick their front fin out of the water… which ends up looking like they’re giving you an enthusiastic wave “hello!”.

Once we reached our destination and lowered our anchor, it was time to enjoy the wonders of the Pacific Ocean. First we enjoyed a little paddleboarding. It was my first time, so it took me a moment or two to get my balance… especially with the awkward weight of a little one growing inside of me. Once I could stand up, it felt wonderful to glide through the water and take in our surroundings.

Then it was time to get a bit more personal… time to dive a bit deeper into the water. The kelp forests were crazy! The incredibly tall, sinewy plants offer a safe haven to all sorts of marine life.  While swimming through the kelp forests and occasionally getting awkwardly tangled up in the greenery, we spotted some sea urchins, kelp crab, and lots of little fish. I wish I could have used some kind of underwater camera!

Here we are, looking all sexy in our snorkeling masks and wet suits.

Despite the recent hype regarding great white shark sightings, we didn’t see anything ominous or threatening during our time in the water. We did, however, see grey fins of a different kind dancing among the waves. Dolphins!

We all crept out on the trampoline canopy at the front of the boat and watching in awe as a huge pod of  dolphins swam and frolicked alongside our boat. Such amazing creatures! When laying on our bellies with our hands stretched out, we were mere inches away from touching the dolphins as the swam right under the boat.

I’ve never been that close to dolphins before and have definitely never had the magical opportunity of “swimming” with a giant pod! We’re hoping to recreate the magic late next winter when the whales are migrating… I can only imagine what it must be like to see the overwhelming beauty of such immense creatures at a close range.

Until that day comes, I’ll remember this adventure fondly and dream of swimming with the dolphins :)

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  1. That’s just my kind of adventure — thanks for sharing!

    October 29, 2013
    • Emily #

      I thought you might like those dolphins, Elizabeth! It’s always fun to share these adventures with you guys, since it gives me the chance to relive the fun :) xx

      October 29, 2013
  2. Looks like you had great time, happy for you!

    October 29, 2013
    • Emily #

      Thanks so much, Joanna! :) xx

      October 30, 2013

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