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More Seeds, Please

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Good morning, friendly faces, and happy Monday!

Well, they say a gardener’s work is never done. With the coming and going of seasons, the constant assault from all sides launched by armies of weeds, the unpredictability of the weather, and the varying degrees of nurture that nature demands, I’m inclined to agree with those words of wisdom. Not that “work” is always a burden… there are lots of “jobs” that aren’t much of a drag at all. Take browsing through pages and pages of available seeds and indecisively placing orders, for example. That’s one “job” I don’t mind at all!

During the middle months of winter, I can be found behind the computer constantly adjusting my online shopping cart with inspirational seeds for this years cutting garden. As the subtotal dangerously rises, I readjust my priorities and cut back trivial choices here and there. Finally, and with a wavering hand over the mouse, I gain the courage to finalize my decisions and click on through to the check-out procedure. Phew! Another years garden ready to be packaged up and shipped in an envelope. Crazy, right?

As the cutting garden grows, I’ve been able to narrow down a short list of favorites, save seeds, and cut back on the need to purchase a plethora of experimental varieties. That being said, picking out several new sorts, colors, and radically different flowers is still loads of fun. This year, for example, I limited my sweet pea selection to only a few new-comers: two kinda crazy lavender-hued varieties and two very intriguing perennial sorts. Fun!

I’ve also ordered a few never varieties of some tried and tested favorites (foxgloves and lupines) plus several shades of inexplicably challenging flowers (larkspur). Why am I thus far unfortunately unable to grow larkspur from seed? It’s always marketed as “foolproof” and “carefree”… I’m starting to have my doubts. BUT, maybe this is my lucky year! :)

I’m also trying some totally new seeds… verbascum and monarda, to name a few, plus some fluffy and feathery grasses. I also snuck in a little treat for the veggie garden. Tomatillos! An article I recently read explained that, despite being relatively unknown and ungrown here in Belgium, tomatillos are actually very well-suited to our weather conditions… more so than tomatoes, oddly enough. Salsa verde, here I come!!

I can’t wait to get started with some early sowing and will be sure to keep you guys posted on the seedling progress.

What about you guys? Are you experimenting with any fun varieties this year?

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