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Love is All You Need

love collage

Good evening, lovebirds!

Are you guys getting ready for tomorrow’s celebrations? Do you do anything fun or fancy on Valentine’s Day, or do you choose, instead, to boycott the materialism and fakery? Whether you’re a devout supporter and romantic at heart or a partypooper, there’s no denying one very special and deeply rooted relationship… of course I’m talking about the hot and steamy love affair between flowers and Valentine’s Day.

It’s with this undeniably special relationship in mind that I plan to take to the streets tomorrow, wearing my very best flower fairy attire, in order to sprinkle some floral fairy dust throughout our local villages.

A trip to the flower market resulted in a treasure trove of romantic beauties. I ended up coming back home with an extremely large bushel of tulips and an equally huge bundle of hyacinths. Something about the pastel shades of hyacinths, the soft lilacs, pale pinks, and creamy whites… they look as ravishingly beautiful as they smell.

I plan to pair these little lovelies with some snowdrops, pussy willows, skimmia, and anything else I can gather from the garden. Perhaps even the first of the hellebores? Although I’m a bit afraid that they are too fresh still to enjoy a lengthy lifespan after being snipped from the garden… hmmm.

Should you be curious as to the secret message these flowers will carry with them, you’ll be happy to know that hyacinths in general impart a playful message, while white hyacinths in particular stand for unobtrusive loveliness and blue hyacinths stand for constancy. Tulips are used as a declaration of love… ooh-la-la! Should I choose to add a hellebore here and there… well, that would add a touch of scandal to the bouquet! Maybe it’s best to leave them out? ;)

If you happen to be out and about around Maastricht and its surrounding villages, and if you happen to be feeling a bit glum on V-Day, be on the look-out for a lovely little Lonely Bouquet! I’m sure these friendly flowers would very much enjoy your company and fill your heart with love.

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