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Lonely Bouquets: Paying it Forward

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Hi there!

Well, it’s been another busy week of Lonely Bouquet distributions! This post marks the first of two Lonely Bouquet posts… but this one is special, because several of the recipients took matters into their own hands and decided to pay the favor forward. After all, isn’t that the point of this whole project?

First up we’ve got this pink bouquet that was left on the steps of Val Dieu, by now one of my favorite spots. It was found, adopted, and cared for by the lovely Annie!

The pink and lively bouquet shown below caught a ride with me as far as Eijsden, where it wandered around for a bit before finding a welcoming home with Wil! Honestly, I was a bit lost while looking for a good foster home when I happened upon a man waiting in front of his house and was spontaneously invited inside for a little chat. I love that something so simple as flowers can bring me closer to the local people and turn complete strangers into friends.

After enjoying the bouquet for several hours, Wil decided that she would pass along the happiness! She ended up giving the bouquet to a neighbor who was stuck at home, sick in bed. So thoughtful!

This purple and blue bouquet was also left behind in Eijsden, this time on a bench in front of the tantalizingly tasty restaurant Vanille! Where it ended up? Nobody knows!

I left this soft-colored Lonely Bouquet behind on a bench in front of the gift shop at Val Dieu. Minutes later I saw the owner of the shop bring the bouquet inside… for himself, or to share with a special someone? Who knows! :)

I also received an update regarding the where-abouts of the Lonely Bouquet left in front of the fruit vending machine last week. Foster mom Gertie enjoyed her flowers for a few days before surprising her neighbor with the bouquet!

How amazing that the pleasant surprise of happening upon a bouquet of flowers can motivate people to make those around them happy in return. That’s always what I envisioned when starting this project- that a random act of kindness could motivate others to do something nice as well!

I also made a trip to Maastricht to spread the flower love even further! I’ll be posting those stories this weekend! :)

Have a wonderful day, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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