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Lonely Bouquets Branching Out

the shops collage

Good evening, everyone!

How are you guys enjoying the onset of the chilly season? Getting comfy-cozy inside, or still playing in the garden? I’ve been trying to do a bit of both, although I notice that my body can’t handle much heavy labor these days. I did a bit of transplanting yesterday and felt it almost immediately in my lower back and hips… odd. It’s a bummer not being able (at least temporarily) to do the kind of garden work that I’m used to. Surely my body is busy diverting all of its energy to the little lady in waiting who is growing bigger every day. So worth it :)

Since I’m not all that able to keep busy in the garden, it’s been a welcome surprise that the late-blooming flowers have allowed me to continue spreading Lonely Bouquets. Today’s bouquets consisted of a few simple bundles of fall-infused hydrangeas and a sprinkling of other flowers from the cutting garden. While taking care of some grocery shopping and other errands, I left a trail of Lonely Bouquets behind around Gulpen.

One on a bus stop bench… another near the parking machine…

And, finally, one last bouquet for the park-goers of Gulpen.

I haven’t yet heard back from any of the Berlin bouquets, but a lovely lady named Nancy has already let me know that the park bouquet has found a happy home!

In addition to my little floral contributions, I wanted to share something special with you guys. It was recently brought to my attention that The Shops, an adult vocational training program run by Devereux in Devon, Pennsylvania, has embraced the Lonely Bouquet idea and made it a weekly event. Every Friday, employees and individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities go around the local community dropping off bouquets and spreading the love.

I think it’s wonderful that a program like this can use the Lonely Bouquets as a way to encourage their members to actively participate in creating a more tight-knit, caring community. What a great, great way to increase understanding, forge new relationships, and open people’s hearts.

I can only hope that more organizations might pick up on the idea… maybe even hospitals, halfway houses, women’s centers and retirement homes? Spreading smiles and making other people feel good can add a sense of purpose to person’s life. I know that giving back to the community and expressing myself through flowers has sure given my life new meaning.

Anywho, I thought you guys might get a kick out of this new branch of Lonely Bouquet-ing. How fun!

Wishing you a wonderful day, evening, or night… wherever you might be! :)

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