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Lonely Bouquets Abandoned Again!

lonely wahlwiller 2

Ooooh that sneaky Fleuropean! I’ve gone and done it again. I spent several days this week scattering poor little Lonely Bouquets across Maastricht, Heerlen, and Wahlwiller!

After carefully loading four bouquets into the car, I hit the road and headed to Maastricht. I walked into the city center where I left the first bouquet (full of bordeaux red dahlias, blueberry mix sweet peas and love-in-a-mist) on a store-front box.

By the time I had placed the second bouquet and was heading back to the car, this little guy was already gone! I’m not sure who it hitched a ride home with, but I’m confident it’s much happier with them than all alone in the town center! :)

The second Lonely Bouquet (featuring North Star dahlias, cornflowers, sweet peas in hues of blue, wild grass and love-in-a-mist) was left on a park bench near the old city wall.

By the time I had visited the market and walked back to the car for a second round of bouquets, this little guy had disappeared! After a quick glance at my inbox, I read that the lovely Ber had taken the bouquet home with her! She included this wonderful picture in her e-mail to reassure me that this Lonely Bouquet wasn’t lonely anymore. It’s so much fun getting to see all the wonderful people who end up adopting the Lonely Bouquets! :)

Time for round two! I grabbed the last of the Lonely Bouquets and headed back into the center. I left this pretty-in-pink bouquet along a shopping street near the town center before sneaking off to place the very last bouquet.

After coming back 20 minutes later to check if the bouquet had been adopted… it was still there, looking lonelier than ever! As I pondered a better place to put the bouquet, two women strolled by, read the “take me!” tag, and took it! With a smile on my face, I quickly scurried away, careful not to ruin their nice surprise!

Last, but not least, I left this colorful cocktail on a park bench in-between a children’s playground and a small lake surrounded by swarms of sun-bathing college students.

This lucky fellow was adopted by Cindy, who was kind enough to send along a photo of the bouquet in its new home! She also wrote a little piece on the Lonely Bouquet project for a news site dedicated to all the latest and greatest in Maastricht!

With Maastricht taken care of, I turned my attention toward other local hotspots. My first stop was a shopping center along the Heerlerbaan in Heerlen.

I strategically placed this Lonely Bouquet where most shoppers couldn’t miss it. It was gone within minutes!

Next up was my final Lonely Bouquet- a palate full of pastels. I headed to one of my favorite local attractions…

… the fruit vending machine! I’m a regular customer, stopping by at least once a week for some of the most delicious blueberries I’ve ever tasted. I figured that anyone looking to buy some fruit could use some flowers too, right? This one also disappeared, but its where-abouts remain unknown!

I’ve got lots of great flowers ready to be molded into Lonely Bouquets this weekend… so be on the lookout!! :)

Have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll see you on Monday!

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  1. ineke #

    Lieve Emily, wat een mooie boektjes weer deze week. Ik wenste dat ik in Maastricht was afgelopen week en weer zo’n mooi eenzaam boeket vond..Want ze zijn weer SUPER mooi.
    Wat ben je toch een schat…dat je dit allemaal doet. Veel liefs van Wil en mij.

    July 20, 2012
  2. Emily #

    Dankuwel Ineke! Ik wardeer uw support heel erg! Een van deze dagen kom ik bij jullie in Geleen om een eenzaam boeket achterlaten ;)

    July 20, 2012

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