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Lonely Bouquet Fridays Are So Much Fun!

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Hi guys!

Is everyone excited that it’s Friday… the beginning of the weekend? I sure am! I’m also super excited that today marks our weekly Lonely Bouquet update post. Yay!

The Lonely Bouquets got a lot of action this week, a welcome change from last week’s dead silence!

Last Friday it was off to Maastricht for me- eager to distribute more Lonely Bouquets! First up was a bouquet full of perfumed purple petals. Le Baron, Thomas A. Edison, and Black Touch dahlias, Magic Mountain basil, sweet william and Charlie’s Angel sweet peas made for a sweet and petite bouquet.

Friday evening a very special e-mail was waiting in my inbox. It was sent by a couple who had happened upon this bouquet on the way to visit their sister in a funeral home, where she laid after losing her battle with cancer. This special lady was crazy about flowers, especially in shades of purple. As if by destiny, the purple flowers were able to travel with the couple to watch over their sister and keep her company. Just as much as this bouquet seemed “meant-to-be” for them, their response was “meant-to-be” for me. It touched me very much and served as a reminder that, despite the inevitable dips, there is a reason that I am doing this project!

This ruby red bunch of flowers enjoyed an afternoon sitting on a park bench just outside of the city center.

Who knows where she ended up, but her Witteman’s Best, Polka, Red Fox, and Vanilla dahlias, red garden roses, and magenta spray roses sure added a pop of color to the greenery!

Next up was a wonder in white. The Honka North Star and Fleurel dahlias combined well with Psyche White cosmos, Vanilla Ice sunflowers, Limelight hydrangeas, and white sweet william.

Her where-abouts also remain a mystery, but when I left she was enjoying people-watching from a bench on the Onze lieve vrouweplein in Maastricht.

Last, but not least, was a vision in violet. Her large Thomas A. Edison dahlia stole the show, but the Sandra and Park Princess dahlias made good supporting actresses. Also included in the mixture was one amaranthus, some pink sweet peas, a hydrangea head, and Magic Mountain basil.

She waited between the storefronts near the Markt for shoppers to notice her.

On Sunday a very special Lonely Bouquet had a very special task… to model for a promotional video made in support of the Nationale Lonely Bouquet Dag initiative! It’s Sylvia dahlias, cleome, hydrangea heads, sweet peas and Magic Mountain basil were photographed and video-taped. Fun!

A group of four friendly hikers who had traveled all the way from Eindhoven were kind enough to help us stage a little “Lonely Bouquet pick-up” scene. Thanks guys!

Tjeu took care of the photographs and video-taping while I stood back and enjoyed.  Eventually we left the bouquet on a cafe table, where it was picked up and taken back “home” by Anton who was enjoying  some vacation time in Gulpen!

I’ll keep you guys posted as to how the whole Lonely Bouquet day initiative progresses! :)

 I’ll be back tomorrow with round two of last week’s Lonely Bouquets! :)

Have a wonderful day, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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