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Kickin’ Back in Knokke

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Hey there!

I hope you enjoyed reading yesterday’s post about the adventures of Dainty Bess, the traveling bouquet. I thought you might want to see a little bit more of the beach where we spent a relaxing afternoon wandering around. Knokke-Heist is a region located on the Belgian coast very close to the Dutch border. The region is made up of five small towns, each boasting a unique seaside character. We started the day in the town of Knokke and worked our way down the waterfront to Duinbergen and Westkapellen.

There were lots of “private beaches” lining the waterfront. It seemed like people could rent or own beach “property” which consisted of storage sheds, chaise lounges, changing areas, and bathrooms. Some were nicer than others, complete with playgrounds, restaurants, showers, etc. Though the lounging areas were for paying members, the beaches always remained open to the public. Despite comical qualities of Knokke’s chicness, it really did seem like a fun family get-away destination.

All of the sheds lining the beach were given names, some of them quite clever and funny. I don’t know what I’d call my shed if I were to have one of my own. Maybe “The Sand Trap” or “Life’s a Beach” … what about you?

Then we came across this little gem. The funniest part was watching two parents have their toddler pose for pictures before we took our turn. I’m sure the toddler had no idea why we were all cracking up!

We let the waters lead us to Duinbergen, which, unlike Knokke’s bustling shopfronts, is a tranquil residential town. We enjoyed the laid-back atmosphere of the beach-front cafes, especially the Blue Buddha Lounge Cafe in Westkapelle.

To top it all off, for your viewing pleasure, here are a couple “blooper” shots from our Knokke jumping photoshoot!

Due to a few questions I’ve┬áreceived, I thought I should let you know that none of the jumping shots were photoshopped… the camera was simply placed on something low-ish to the ground, which creates an effect of us jumping super high! :)

Have a great day everyone, and I’ll see you tomorrow for some yummy fun in the kitchen! :)

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