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Homecoming Bouquet

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Hi there, flower friends!

Long time, no see! I’m so grateful for your patience during my three week Californian get-away, and today I have a special treat for both you guys and myself! Against all odds, it seems as if the cutting garden has not only survived the overwhelming odds of late autumn frosts… but most of the dahlias, lupines, sweet peas, roses, and other thriving flowers have stayed strong during our bout with the dreaded St. Jude storms. Some look a bit frazzled and tattered, but most seem healthy enough to put forth fresh blooms right up until the first frost… whenever that may come!

Imagine my surprise when I returned home to find the cutting garden still full of colorful flowers. I was sure that the dahlias would have been reduced to mush, the cosmos a bunch of brown twigs, and the foliage nothing but dried leaves… but no! What a wonderful homecoming it was to see the ornithogalums still standing tall and the rainbow of dahlias helping to give the grey day a splash of color.

In honor of this miraculous occasion, it was only fair to give the pretty flowers their moment in the spotlight. I dressed up in my most storm-proof gear, fought against the gusty winds, and snipped some dahlias, lupines, sweet peas, anemone, roses, ornithogalums, coral bells, mint, and hydrangea foliage before heading back inside.

Lots of other colors are still in full bloom, but today I found myself drawn to the pinks, burgundies, eggplants, creams, and lilacs.

After arranging the unlikely combination of fall flowers, I sat back, relaxed and enjoyed the unexpected treat of fresh flowers from the garden gracing the dinner table.

Although I’m sorely missing my loved ones back home, I’m super excited to be back here with you guys, ready to take on some fun projects, cook up some tasty recipes, and keep having fun with flowers! :)

I hope you and your gardens are doing alright… hopefully no crazy damage from the storms. What about flowers? Are you guys also enjoying a late crop of flowers?

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