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Hellebores Heaven

bastin collage

Good evening, flower friends!

Boy do I have a floral treat for you guys tonight… ’cause my favorite local nursery is holding their annual hellebores festival this weekend, and, after perusing the drool-worthy photos posted on their website, I couldn’t resist taking a sneak peek at the fabulous flowers they have in stock. For any and all local hellebores lovers, I highly suggest taking a trek over to Kwekerij Bastin┬áto see if there’s a wonderful winter-blooming plant just for you.

The whole entrance of the nursery is packed with cascading layers of pinks, purples, creams, and reds. Singles, doubles, picotee, anemone-blooming… from the brightest of whites to the darkest of blacks- you name it, they’ve got it.

As I gazed longingly at the ocean of beautiful blooms before me, I was well aware that my budget would accommodate only a small selection of new plants. Decisions, decisions…

While some of the varieties were more “run of the mill” hellebores, there were some knock-outs here and there that really stole the show. The plants whose “wow”-factor initially caught my eye were “Tutu”, “Elfin”, “Picotee”, “Painted Bunting” and the pink doubles.

To further complicate the delicate process of elimination, each plant from the separate cultivars had subtle variations. These tiny differences made it especially difficult to make a definite decision as to which plants were coming home with me. Did I want one with more freckles? A softer shade of pink? Darker edges? Larger flowers?

As the sun sunk lower in the sky, I knew the countdown had begun. Time to pick out my new flower friends, pay for them, and bring them back home. The final selection revealed a definite soft spot for doubles and, oddly enough, it seemed that the soft pinks had stolen my heart.

Tune in tomorrow to see which plants made it into my final few and to enjoy a little more hellebores fun with me! :)

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