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Heart of Hearts

hearts collage

Hi there, all you hopeless romantics!

Valentine’s Day, the international day dedicated to love, is only a little more than a week away. Yes, of course we should celebrate love each and every day. And yes, I know, it’s an over-commercialized sorry excuse for a holiday… but I still love it. While we don’t blow it out of proportion and turn it into some bank-breaking holiday, I do enjoy picking out a cute little something or finding that perfect card. If I get flowers, great. If I get breakfast in bed, awesome! If all I get is a big fat kiss, then I’m a happy camper too! :)

Because I’ll take any excuse to get crafty with you guys and whip up some fun projects, you’d better bet that you’ll be seeing lots of hearts, pinks, reds, and flowers here on the blog during the next week. To start things off, I figured it would make sense to start at the very source of romanticism and love… our heart of hearts.

I foraged for a few burnished burgundy willow twigs and wild rose branches. If you want to get extra fancy, you can search for some lovely red rose hips or berries. The birdies must have eaten all of mine, ’cause I couldn’t find any. Granted, they looked a lot more “red” before they got paired with my bright yarn, but isn’t it kinda cool how the cold nights turned only one side of the rose branches a dramatic shade of purple-ish red? Note to the wise: to spare your poor fingers any pain, you’ll want to either snip off or break off all of the thorns.

Separate your twigs into two piles. Using thin, flexible wire secure your twigs together near the bottom and again somewhere in between the middle and the top. Don’t worry too much about the metal wire ruining the look of the heart- the bottom wire will be covered by your yarn of choice and you’ll have the option of removing the top wire once it’s no longer needed.

Create an overlapping “v” with your two sections of twigs, and, using your yarn of choice, secure the two sections in place.

Once the bottom “v” is nice and sturdy, you can tie the tops of your twigs together. Do this by first bending the two sections toward each other and tying them in place, leaving the edges free. Next, tie the tippy-tops together. Your heart will probably look a bit wonky at this point… but don’t fear!

With one end of the string at the bottom of your heart, tie the other end of the string (vertically) around the top junction of your heart. As you pull the string tighter, your heart should start to take shape. Keep pulling until the top and bottom meet. After securing the top and bottom together, you can hide all of the messy bits by wrapping the core of your heart with yarn.

Once you’re heart is finished and you’re happy with the result, you can trim off any dangling strings or unruly twigs. Since your branches should be secured in place with yarn, now is also the time to carefully remove any non-essential wire we used in the beginning.

You can surprise your loved one with a heart on his/her pillow, hang your heart, prop it somewhere cute… heck, you can even wear it if you want!

Whatever you choose to do with your heart, hopefully you treat it well and take care of it this Valentine’s Day. Here’s hoping that you enjoyed our first simple labor of love… and maybe it even helped you get in the mood to have a little extra fun this Valentine’s Day? I have some more fun ideas lined up, so buckle your seat-belts and get ready for a romantic ride all the way through til V-Day! :)

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