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Fun with Nature: Autumn Wreath

wreath collage

Hi everyone!

I just want to start off by thanking all of you for your kind words in response to the big reveal! It means so much to be on the receiving end of such an outpouring of love. Yippee! But that’s enough baby talk for today. Let’s get back to business! Before leaving our autumn landscape behind in exchange for sunny California, I felt a desperate need to bring a little bit of that autumn atmosphere inside for preservation. Collecting supplies from the great outdoors, I set about amassing the necessary tools for a dried autumn wreath.

Although the opportunities are almost endless, I pretty much stuck to three basic ingredients. Pliable beech branches and catkins, hops, and ground cherries. Best of all, these materials should remain attractive even when dried (the ground cherries and hops were actually already dried).

To get started on the structure of the wreath, I grouped the beech branches into sets of 4-5 stems. I secured the grouping of branches on both ends (the cut end and leafy end) with green floral wire.

Once I had several groupings of beech branches, it was time to secure them to one another in order to form a strong, circular wreath. Since the leafy ends are naturally more flimsy than the cut ends, I alternated leafy end- cut end- leafy end- cut end. When wrapped with floral wire, this created a balanced, natural-looking wreath structure.

Next it was time to weave the hops strategically around the wreath. The final step was to use a glue gun to secure the ground cherries in place. I went for an asymmetrical look, but that’s just to suit my own personal taste!

The final result was a funky yet fresh fall treat! The ground cherries provided just the right splash of color, while the beech and the hops kept the wreath looking earthy and wild.

If you’re looking for a different feeling or color scheme, you could always use nigella seed heads, poppy pods, strawflowers, lavender, gomphrena, hydrangeas… etc, etc. The list of flowers suitable for drying goes on and on, it’s really up to you to decide on the style. :)

If you guys could bring a bit of autumn inside, what flowers, plants, or pods would you go for?

I’ll be leaving tomorrow morning long before the sun even rises… so I’m afraid this is farewell until Sunday at least! I wish you all a wonderful weekend and look forward to writing to you all the way from California! :)

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  1. Jennifer #

    Hi Emily!! Have fun in CA. As another CA living in Central Europe, I’m really jealous and looking forward to more of your delicious recipes especialy in the winter months!
    Do you grow any pumpkins or other vegetables in your garden?

    Congrats on your baby too!! I’m sure he or she will be absolutely beautiful!!

    October 5, 2013
    • Emily #

      Thanks so much, Jennifer!! So far, so good! The weather has been as beautiful as always :) I do actually grow pumpkins (the smaller hokaido sort) and a variety of other things… but the pumpkins were really the only ones to do well this year. I think our warm, super dry summer scared the others to death. I’m getting ready to post a recipe for pumpkin risotto soon, so maybe that would be a fun seasonal dish to liven up your winter months!! :) Are you planning on going back to CA at all? xx Emily

      October 9, 2013

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