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Friday Foraging

friday collage

Happy Friday, flower friends!

What started as a dreary and wet day ended up surprisingly full of sparkling sunshine and blue skies. Yes, dark grey clouds rolled through now and then, spontaneously soaking anyone caught enjoying the great outdoors, but all-in-all I was pleased that the moist and muddy forecast proved to be quite inaccurate. It’s probably not a huge surprise that I chose to forego my long rainy-day indoor to-do list in order to enjoy a few magical moments in nature. With so much life popping out from beneath winter’s cloak of brown and grey- moss, crocuses, pussy willows, budding blossoms, and even leaves- who could resist a little round of foraging to bring a bit of that precious new life indoors?

In the hopes of forcing some buds into early production, I brought a pair of clippers and a small bag along for the ride. A few branches of bright green budding leaves and freshly sprouted pussy willows made their way into my goody bag…

Some wild cherry branches got clipped as well…

It’s amazing how my favorite little forest path changes throughout the seasons. Soon the forest floor surrounding the creek will exchange it’s mask of fallen leaves for a carpet of bright yellow lesser celandine.

Happy with my small bag full of bounty, I chose to just enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature and let the rest of her natural wonders be.

I always seem to forget exactly how long it takes to force cherry blossoms into action… but hopefully come Monday I can put together a sweet little spring arrangement full of my foraged finds!

Have an absolutely wonderful weekend, everyone, and I’ll look forward to seeing you for fresh start on Monday :)

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