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Fleurishers: Passion for Painting and Plants

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Hello and welcome to today’s Fleurishers! Jos and Marianne are a couple rich in passion for plants and painting. Nominated by their daughter, this pair’s creativity both inside and out make them the ideal recipients for a handful of Fleuropean flowers!

Jos and Marianne live in a picturesque village surrounded by plenty of natural inspiration used often for both work and play. Jos is a well-respected artist  whose ethereal paintings hover between the realms of magic and realism. It was fun to get a privileged peak within his art studio where his colors are mixed, ideas are sketched, and where his dreams come to life!

With skylights specifically designed to allow North-Eastern light to flood the work space, Jos’ atelier makes every other oil painter green with envy. There’s no shortage of canvases, brushes, and oil paints… the combination of colors and materials is enough to make anyone want to pick up a paintbrush and give it a go!

The poetry of each painting, nearly all inspired by real life scenery and acquaintances, tells a unique story. The longing to bring to life the beauty surrounding him and a quest to “capture” or “translate” those visions into art remains a central focus throughout all of Jos’ paintings. The detail in the landscapes and the dream-like quality of the central characters results in a breath-taking final product.

Aside from painting inside, Marianne and Jos also stay busy in their outdoor “atelier”… the garden!

When she’s not busy teaching children within the classroom, Marianne can be found enjoying many hours working in her garden. With a homemade greenhouse, Marianne propagates her favorite plants from cuttings, starts pots full of seeds, and Jos grows more yummy veggies than a hungry tummy can dream of!

With an emphasis on letting nature run its course, Marrianne creates colorful borders with a soft-spot for agastache, salvias, and all sorts of fun flowers in purples and blues. Careful not to remove any “weeds” too early in the season, she is often pleasantly surprised by the wonderful volunteer seedlings that pop up all throughout her garden.

Jos and Marianne embody creativity from the garden to the kitchen, the artist’s studio to the classroom. Their passion for various creative outlets reminds us all that it’s important to be inspired by our imaginations… to not get too tied down in reality, but to live just a little in our own special dream worlds as well!

Do you know any local Fleurishers? Do you have any special people, companies, or organizations in mind who you would like to honor with a handmade bouquet?

Please send me an e-mail with a little bit about the recipient and what makes them a Fleurisher!

For the Dutch visitors: Kent U een bijzonder persoon, bedrijf, of organisatie die in aanmerking zou komen om de volgende “Fleurisher” te zijn?

Stuur mij, AUB, een e-mail met een beetje informatie over de kandidaat!

Have a wonderful day, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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