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Fleurishers: Keeping History Alive

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Hello everyone!

This weeks fleurishers are very special indeed… allow me to introduce you to Madame and Monsieur Fabry! They were nominated by neighbors who admire the active lifestyle this pair embodies and the couple’s strong sense of community involvement.

Madame and Monsieur Fabry, both in their 80s, share a love for the region in which they were born and raised. Their roots run deep, and their connection with the land and culture is palpable. This love that they share is contagious and encourages many around them to re-connect with the past, both on a personal and historical level.

They were born, met, and married in Charneux, a small agricultural village neighboring Aubel, Belgium. Both have lived to see the countryside of Belgium transition through periods of growth and decline, including the effects of the Second World War.

Born into families of farmers, this hard-working couple chose to keep alive the family tradition of raising cows. Long working days and short restful nights kept their family healthy, vigorous and grateful for the little pleasures in life.

Here you can see Monsieur Fabry (second from the left) when he was a young boy.

Now, a bit older than the pictures above, Monsieur Fabry and Madame Fabry enjoy reminiscing on their memories, rich with priceless tidbits of historical information. Aside from keeping canaries and perfecting his woodworking skills, Monsieur Fabry has made it a hobby to collect as much information possible about his family, their roots and the region in which they have lived. When he’s not reading or writing, Monsieur Fabry is probably out on his daily walk for which he is famous amongst his neighbors. He waves at passing cars who toot their horn to say “hello”, he stops to chit-chat with old acquaintances, and he is always ready to share his many tales of the past.

Isn’t it amazing how time flies? Looking at family photos from so many years ago, it’s hard to imagine that a boy much younger than myself could already be over 80 years old. Where do the years go? Don’t we all still feel young inside? As I (not so) slowly approach 30, I don’t feel a day over 18. Yet when I drive past a high school with students milling about, I can’t help but think about how small and young they look.

With each medical set-back Madame and Monsieur Fabry face, they grow ever-conscious of our fleeting time here on earth. They cherish each day they are given, and try to make the best of it. No matter what the future may hold, neither of them will have to worry whether they have made a mark on this world. Family, friends and neighbors alike can attest to the vitality and youthfulness with which this charismatic couple greet each and every day. They take life by the horns and milk it for all that its got!

So let’s learn a lesson from Monsieur and Madame Fabry and make a conscious effort to seize each day we’re given and live life to the fullest! :)

Do you know any local Fleurishers? Do you have any special people, companies, or organizations in mind who you would like to honor with a handmade bouquet?

Please send me an e-mail with a little bit about the recipient and what makes them a Fleurisher!

For the Dutch visitors: Kent U een bijzonder persoon, bedrijf, of organisatie die in aanmerking zou komen om de volgende “Fleurisher” te zijn?

Stuur mij, AUB, een e-mail met een beetje informatie over de kandidaat!

Have a great day, and I’ll see you all tomorrow!

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