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Fleurishers: Family First

Hello everyone!

I’d like to introduce you to this week’s Fleurisher: Lies!

Lovely Lies was nominated by her granddaughter, Deidre, as the next recipient for a handmade bouquet plucked straight from my garden.

Lies was nominated for this special surprise due to her compassion for others and her love, above all else, for family. It didn’t hurt that she’s also an avid gardener, famous for her green thumb! ;)

Lies has a long history of putting others before herself. She has been there through thick and thin for countless family members and is always eager to lend an ear for listening or a shoulder to lean on.

Her furry, four-legged companion, Sammy, keeps her company during walks and at home, where Lies can be found knitting up a storm! If she’s not inside, she’s probably busy tending to her wonderful garden, where the clematis, wisteria, roses, poppies, and a variety of other flowers put on a colorful show.

I think we can all agree that the world could use few more people who have a heart as warm as Lies’. We should all strive to cherish and support those we love, day in and day out. After all, what in life is more important than close friends and family?

Do you know any local Fleurishers? Do you have any special people, companies, or organizations in mind who you would like to honor with a handmade bouquet?

Please send me an e-mail with a little bit about the recipient and what makes them a Fleurisher!

For the Dutch visitors: Kent U een bijzonder persoon, bedrijf, of organisatie die in aanmerking zou komen om de volgende “Fleurisher” te zijn?

Stuur mij, AUB, een e-mail met een beetje informatie over de kandidaat!

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