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Farming for Flowers

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Hello there!
I apologize for my extended absence, but I do believe that the time off was well deserved! :)  We tied up all of the loose ends just in time to make the wedding day itself super satisfying and enjoyable. Thursday and Friday morning were our “flower hours”. We rented a workspace at a local florist shop (Canoga Park Florist to be exact... Shabbir was the BEST!) where we could assemble the bouquets and store them in a fridge overnight.
But first things first. We got off to an early(ish) start on Thursday morning to head up the coast to pick up our flower orders from the local flower farms. Our first stop was Rose Story Farm, a small family-owned rose farm located in Carpinteria, to pick up our bunches of Winchester Cathedral garden roses. The hill sides surrounding the farm were a tapestry of various rose bushes… enough to make a flower-lover’s mouth water!

Next stop was Skyline Growers in Oxnard. This is where the bulk of the flowers came from. We got tuberose, garden roses, ranunculus, queen anne’s lace, and peonies.

Then it was off to the florist shop with our bucket-loads of flowers. Boy did our car smell good!! :)
It felt nice supporting local flower farms versus downtown retailers, although I didn’t quite understand how the prices could be higher straight from the source than they were downtown. I would highly recommend all of the aforementioned companies to anyone looking to snag some great flowers!
Tomorrow I’ll show you guys a little sneak peak of how Eva’s centerpiece arrangements turned out… and her bridal bouquet!
Have a wonderful day, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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