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Elderflower Enjoyment

vlierbloesem 3
Hey there!
Well, I let my elderflower syrup seep over the weekend in order to fully extract the flavors from the lemons and elderflower.
When I removed the dish towels, the syrup looked like this.
I lied, by the way. It didn’t thicken at all while it was seeping. I added less sugar this time than I did before, which made it less syrup-y. To ease your worries, you should know that the sugar in the syrup will keep the concoction from molding or over-fermenting. As long as you don’t let it sit unrefrigerated for longer than a few days, you shouldn’t have any problems.
Once I was sure my flavors had “matured” to a desirable taste, I strained out the flowers and lemon rinds.
Next I took several clean (recycled) glass jars and used a ladle to fill them up with the elderflower syrup.
All that’s left to do is enjoy your delicious labor of love!
My favorite refreshing drink goes a little something like this:
1/3 cup elderflower syrup
2/3 cup sparkling water
mint leaves (optional)

Jars of elderflower syrup should last about a month in the fridge. They make great gifts, but be sure to keep one or two to enjoy yourself! ;)

Today’s bouquet of the day: Summer Sun
Ironically, we’re not getting much summer sun right now. But that’s okay! I’ll just let this sunshine-y bouquet put me in a summery mood.
For this bouquet I used California poppies, yellow ranunculus, field daisies, climbing hydrangea flowers, yellow loosestrife, and lady’s mantle.

Have a wonderful day, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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