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Dreamcatcher Baby Mobile

mobile collage 2

Good evening, crafty companions!

Since our little one could technically be born any moment now, I figured that it might be a wise idea to share the last of my baby project posts with you guys. If I’m totally honest, I think I just might have saved the best for last… I dragged my feet on this one, since there were so many different ideas running around in my head and I changed my mind almost every day. The idea of a dreamcatcher appealed to me, since every baby should be guaranteed only the sweetest of dreams. I also liked the boho-chic look of hanging ribbons. Lastly, suspended shapes that twist and turn in the breeze would provide a bit of mesmerizing entertainment for whoever’s looking up from down below.

In the end, I was able to combine all of my ideas into one pretty nifty little baby mobile…  a dingly-dangly piece of nursery decor that features the three main components I was hoping to include!

To get started, I cut free-form cloud shapes out of three different layers of fabric (my all-time favorite Liberty floral fabric, a thin white linen, and some left-over scraps of Ikea curtain fabric). I pinned the three layers together in order to ensure that the different layers matched up correctly before starting to sew them together by hand.

Once all but the last bit of the outline was sewn together, I started stuffing the cloud with loose wool. I continued to stitch and stuff until the little clouds began to take on a lovely, plump three-dimensional shape.

Using (you guessed it!) an embroidery hoop, I started to put together the remaining key elements of the baby mobile: the dreamcatcher within the interior ring and the romantic row of ribbons along the exterior ring.

Once each element was complete, I tightened the rings together and proceeded to hang the clouds from various points around the dreamcatcher.

And here’s what the mobile looks like from a baby’s-eye view…

The mobile is already safely suspended above the baby’s crib, patiently awaiting her arrival. Hopefully this bit of overhead entertainment with keep her calm in moments of confusion and restore her balance during sleepless nights. Most of all, I hope it will whisk away all of her worries and soothe her into a sweet sleep.

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  1. Oh so sweet and those darling little clouds are clearly filled with your love as well as soft wool. You will be an amazing mommy. Hugs.

    March 11, 2014
    • Emily #

      Awww! Thanks so much, Elizabeth! I sure hope so… I know it will be the adventure of a lifetime :) Big hugs back! xx

      March 12, 2014

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