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DIY Crib Canopy

hemeltje collage

Good evening, everyone!

Today’s post doesn’t necessarily have to do with flowers, per say… ┬ábut that doesn’t meant there aren’t flowers involved! The last few weeks, I’ve been working on finishing up a few projects for the nursery. As I was taking pictures to show my family back in California, I figured that maybe, just maybe, you guys might like to be involved as well. After all, you’re all an important part of my extended internet family :)

A crib canopy (or “hemeltje” here in Holland) is an idea that I’ve been toying with for a while. The nursery ceiling has some old paint made from who-knows-what, and, while it’s a beautiful baby blue color, I don’t want tiny paint chips flaking off and falling into the baby’s bed. Plus, I quite like the romantic look the lacy curtains add to the nursery. The ready-to-buy canopies available around here were either ridiculously expensive or “meh”-looking… so I took matters into my own hands and put one together myself.

All you need for this project is an 8-inch (20 cm) embroidery hoop (borduurring), some string and/or ribbon, and a pair of curtains. I used a combination of panel curtains available at Ikea- a pair of Alvine Spets curtains and one panel from a Lill set.

The production process isn’t actually all that complicated. All you have to do is feed your curtains through the outer circle of the embroidery hoop. I fed one Alvine Spets panel through first, followed by a Lill panel, followed by the second Alvine Spets panel. This combination of curtains is wide enough to fully enclose a standard 60 cm x 120 cm crib.

Once your curtain panels are evenly distributed around the embroidery hoop, tie three equal lengths of ribbon/string/fishing wire at equal intervals around the inner circle of the embroidery hoop. To finish things up, place the outer circle fitted with the curtains around the inner circle and tighten until secure.

Tada! Now you’re ready to hang the canopy over your baby’s crib!

Since the curtains I used were a good two meters long, I trimmed them to just above floor length and bunched the bottoms together at various points around the crib using ribbon. I’m happy to have “splurged” on the Alvine Spets curtains, because I think the floral “lace” adds that extra oomph I was looking for. See, I told you there were flowers involved! ;)

All that’s left for me to do is put together a dream-catcher-type topping for the canopy and hang a handmade mobile that I’m in the midst of sewing. *Gasp* Yes! I’m sewing. By hand, though, this time… no sewing machines involved.

I hope you enjoy the how-to tutorials of these little nursery projects of mine… and, if you don’t, never fear, there won’t be many more to come. In fact, this one shouldn’t even be limited to a nursery- any adult can enjoy a floral canopy as well, right? :)

Have a lovely evening, and I’ll see you tomorrow for a little outdoor fun!

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