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Crafting a Wedding from Scratch

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Hello there!
As you guys probably already know, my sister and I had a blast rounding up the necessary materials and crafting our way through her checklist of items needed for her wedding. Those of you who know us most likely know how “resourceful” we are… which is a euphemism for “cheap”. Many of the materials we collected were either sourced from local thrift stores- the cut glass vases and wooden window frame- or found abandoned by the side of the street- a cupboard which we sanded, primed, painted and then used for the guest book table and a mirror which was used as a menu display. To quote one of our favorite Saturday Night Live episodes: “it’s not trash if it’s new to you!”
Why waste hard-earned money on an already finished product, when you can bond over finding and creating something just as great together? That’s our mentality at least.
I know I gave you guys a little sneak peak of the “workspace” that was used for all of our glass-breaking, wood priming, and spray-painting, but I haven’t shown you any of the finished products yet.

We found this big guy leaning against a mailbox during an evening stroll. Since we couldn’t exactly pick it up and carry it home with us, we had to cross our fingers that it would still be there by the time we could hurry home and get in the car. Lucky for us, it seems that not everyone in Los Angeles is desperate for a used mirror. Hurray!
Eva had a genius idea to use the mirror to create a chalkboard menu. First we used chalkboard spray-paint to coat the mirror. Two coats were necessary to achieve the right coverage. Next, we protected the newly-painted chalkboard surface and sprayed on a few coats of cream paint.
Once that was dried and ready to go, Eva carefully wrote out all of the menu items. The cool thing about this white chalkboard pen is that you can wipe it off with a damp cloth, yet it won’t smudge like your usual chalk.

For the finishing touch, Eva displayed the chalkboard menu on an old easel from her late father-in-law.
Not only did the menu items look great on the chalkboard, they tasted great in real life too!
Have a great day, and I’ll see you tomorrow! :)

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