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Feeling Fall: A Textural Bouquet of Contrasts

Hello there friendly faces!

How fun of you to swing by for yet another round of playing with flowers! Yesterday you saw some of the textural autumn ingredients that would be going into today’s bouquet, but now I’ll reveal the rest of the filler flowers and foliage. That’s right, today I’m going to show you the whole shebang. A bouquet full of contrasts and polar opposites… a personal favorite when it comes to color combinations.

I chose dahlias in the deepest shades of ruby red, burgundy, and pale pink. To me, the dark and dramatic shades mimic the changes taking place within the berry bushes, trees, and shrubs while the pale pink acts as the perfect foil… an unlikely ally in the throes of fall. The dahlias blended together seamlessly with the scabiosa, daucus, garlic, and nigella seed heads, raspberry, blackberry and hydrangea foliage, grasses, and clouds of wild clematis.

When autumn rolls around, I’m a sucker for any and all combinations of dark and light. The pale pastels seem to bring out the drama and intensity of the rich reds.

The color scheme compliments the colors found within the structural elements of the bouquet. The dark red of the dahlias is reflected in the centers of the clematis clouds, the stripes on the nigella seed heads, and the frosted tips of the foliage.

If I had to choose my favorite fall foliage to use in arrangements, it would probably have to be clematis. The leaves change color ever so slightly, and those seed heads… man, does it get any cooler looking than that?

To ring in the new season, I brought this little guy with me to leave behind as a Lonely Bouquet. Someone, somewhere in Gulpen is enjoying the company of these flowers and bringing a bit of autumn into their home tonight! :)

A Sunny Sunday Afternoon of Lonely Bouquets

Hello again, guys!

I hope you’re all doing well on this wonderful Wednesday. I know the weather (rain!) has played a central element in my most recent posts… but today I’d like to share the fun afternoon adventure we had during the one day of relatively lovely weather. On Sunday, as the misty morning made way for blue skies and sunshine, I ran around the garden cutting all of the dahlias I could carry. With a basket-full of pink, orange, red, peach, burgundy, and purple dahlias, I made my way back inside with a head full of big plans. In order to celebrate the break in bad weather, we decided to take a little car ride around the local villages to leave behind little bundles of garden flowers.

First up was Val Dieu! We left one bouquet atop a stone wall along a walking path and another bunch of sunflowers on a bench. Lucky for the brightly colored bunch of dahlias, Mieke, Ivo, and Alice swooped them up and brought them home :)

A third bouquet full of pink dahlias was left on a picnic bench near Bushaye. It didn’t take long before I got a sweet message from Lucie thanking us for the happy surprise!

We hopped back in the car and traveled a bit further until we reached Slenaken. We left one bunch of sunflowers on a bench near the village cemetery and another colorful ensemble on a bench located right smack in the middle of the village cafes.

Next up was Epen. We left one bouquet on a roadside bench, crossing our fingers that it would catch someone’s eye. Another bunch was left at our favorite ice cream joint in Camerig. Yum!

The final two bouquets were left on a couple of benches found along the local walking paths. As I was setting down the bouquet on the left, I spotted a couple ladies walking in my direction. Unspotted, I snapped a couple pictures and scurried away. Just as I had hoped, they stopped to smell the one very fragrant rose included in the arrangement. Grinning from ear to ear, Hedwig and Marjon took the flowers with them for the remainder of their Sunday hike :)

It’s always wonderful to see the happy faces of those who find the flowers. For me, that’s the best part!

Here’s hoping that the dahlias, sunflowers, and other autumn favorites will continue to put on a good show for a while longer. If all goes according to plan, the Lonely Bouquets and I can keep taking advantage of any and all dry days!

Wishing you all a lovely afternoon, evening, or a very good morning. See you tomorrow! :)


Lonely Bouquets Live On

Hello everyone!

Well, after a lazy day spent lounging around the house yesterday it only makes sense to get out there and get busy again, right? I hope that since I haven’t been posting about them on a regular basis like before, you don’t think that the Lonely Bouquets have come to a halt. Au contraire! With all of the beautiful dahlias, cosmos, garden roses, herbs, and annuals in full bloom, it would be a pity not to spread a bit of flower power around the neighborhood. I just don’t want to overwhelm you guys with too many abandoned flower photos or shove the idea down your throat. I’ve been trying to bring a bouquet or two… or three with me every time I step out the door and head out toward my next destination. Today it was (surprise!) Maasticht.

I bundled up four perfectly pink and purple bunches of flowers and several groupings of sunflowers and headed into town. I stopped by several spots, both old and new, on my trip around the city. Benches in the park are always a good idea… as are staircases traveled by commuters and tourists alike.

Some sunflowers were left behind on benches toward the city center.

Crosswalks and bridges..

More bridges and monuments…

All of the flowers had found new homes by the time I was ready to return to the parking lot and hop back in the car. I’m not quite sure yet where they’ve ended up… but I was pleased enough to treat myself to a little Indonesian take-out. Yum!

I’ve seen a fair amount of you guys enjoying making and distributing Lonely Bouquets of your own, which I think is great!! I love seeing what you guys come up with and how your adventures end!

Have a wonderful day (or evening!), and I’m already looking forward to seeing you again tomorrow :)

Lots of Lonely Bouquets

Good evening guys!

The weather has, once again, taken a turn for the dramatic, but the temperatures remain hot, hot, hot. It’s actually been a bit too hot to do much of anything outside in the garden. So, instead, I’ve resorted to running (okay, fine… waddling) outside, picking all the flowers I can find, and making lots of Lonely Bouquets. What better way to combat the unbearable heatwave, right?

Of course, I have to seek out shady spots and keep my fingers crossed that someone will whisk them away to safety within a short period of time. So, without further ado, allow me to introduce you to the past week’s flower friends.

Zesty Zainup dressed in all shades of citrus. Roses, dahlias, nasturtiums, achillea, and sweet peas were built for warm weather.

She waited in Gulpen for a special someone to take her home…  luckily the lovely June and her mom, Daniëlle, gave Zainup a happy home.

Cool Clara was up next…

Clara sat on a sidewalk in Tongeren waiting for a bargain hunter to bring her home. Her blue shades of Sunrise lupines, clematis recta, queen anne’s lace, sweet peas, and larkspur kept her cool during the warm weather. Luckily Clara didn’t have to suffer for too long before she was rescued from the heat by Nell and Hans!

Then it was Sweet Suzy’s turn. She wore dahlias, veronica, queen anne’s lace, pixie lupines, oregano, and sweet peas.

Suzy waited on a bench near Val Dieu… not far from Pastel Penelope, who waited on a picnic bench near Bushaye.

Penelope wore lots of pastel dahlias, clematis recta, queen anne’s lace, and sweet peas.

Plum Polly was up next. Roses, clematis, veronica, oregano, queen anne’s lace, and sweet peas (catching on to the pattern here?) made up her outfit of pinks and mauves.

She waited near Val Dieu before being whisked away all the way to Leuven!

Rouge Rebecca hung out with a group of lovely ladies until a visitor to the local watering hole in Saint-Jean-Sart gave her a lift back home. She wore a simple outfit of red roses, oregano, amaranthus, queen anne’s lace, and sweet peas.

Rebecca was gone when I did a little drive-by later in the evening… I hope a local person got her before the cows did!

Phew… so now you’re totally caught up with the recent Lonely Bouquet activity here in the region. I also did a few simple bunches of sweet peas here and there, but I didn’t want to overwhelm you guys with (even) more floral photos.

Have a lovely day, and I’ll see you guys tomorrow!

Not-So-Lonely Bouquets

Good evening everyone!

Has your weather been as incredibly beautiful as it’s been today in Belgium? Here I am, sitting behind my computer with our windows and doors fully open, completely transfixed by the summer spell of fresh air and a slightly cool breeze. If every evening could be like this, I’d be in seventh heaven… although I suppose we wouldn’t appreciate the great weather as much if we didn’t have a few rain storms and cold fronts every now and then, right?

I’ve totally surrendered to the relaxation brought upon by the wonderful weather… ’cause I had one heck of a day, and I’m pooped. As luck would have it, I had the pleasure of enjoying the company of a few fabulous folks during my latest Lonely Bouquet run. We had some fun in the cutting garden, put together a few bouquets, and off we went… venturing into the city to add a splash of color to the streets of Aachen!

Unpredictable Ursula was up first. Her contrasting petals in shades of plum, red, blue, and burgundy made for quite an unexpected and unpredictable color combination. Flagship sweet peas, Naomi dahlias, sweet william, clematis purpurea, chocolate mint, hydrangeas and clematis joined forced to create a killer cloak of color.

These were the fabulous folks who joined me for the day, looking on as I worked with the flowers, distributed the bouquets, and fumbled my way through German. It was so warm that I witnessed more than one kid taking a dip in the downtown fountain. But hey… can you blame them?

Heatwave Hannah didn’t seem to mind much. In fact, I think she quite enjoyed watching the little ones playing all around her. Sunrise lupines, White Swan sweet peas, pygmy amaranthus, The Bride anemone, veronica, painted sage, and a few garden roses tried their best to put on a good show despite the hot afternoon sun.

Then it was time for Apricot Alison to work her magic. Her perfectly peachy nasturtiums, Kings Macc roses, pretty pink pixie lupines, honeysuckle, sweet peas, and apple mint made for a brilliantly bright summertime display.

This time, for once, I know for a fact that all three of these (not-so)Lonely Bouquets went to good homes! Although I don’t know any details yet, I’m sure that they are all happy and very much enjoying life with their new flower friends.

Here’s hoping that your day was just as bright and sunny as ours… or, should you live in a totally different time zone, may your day be full of sunshine and happiness! :)

To Amsterdam with Love

Good evening everyone!

After a full day spent outside in the garden, I’m finally getting back into the swing of things again… and getting a grip on the army of weeds that have suddenly appeared in the borders! The sun was shining, a slight breeze cooled the air, and the horse flies (luckily!) stayed away. But, as you can probably already tell, this little story won’t have much to do with the garden… other than the buckets of flowers that came from it, that is!

This story is all about an adventure that two flower fanatics who had never met decided to share together… each boarded a train to Amsterdam. Each carried flowers as an easily identifiable “accessory”. And each came ready to get to know one another over an afternoon spent playing with flowers! That’s right, Nelleke from and I went where no two women had gone before… making bouquets on the Dam Square which were then scattered around the city for strangers to find!

The day started with an early morning forage in the garden. Roses, sweet william, nigella, anemone, valerian, knautia, and mint… plenty of flowers for us to play with. My flower friends and I then boarded a rickety train from Vise to Maastricht before hopping on a fancy-shmancy Intercity train straight to Amsterdam.

Once in Amsterdam, I easily spotted Nelleke and her jar-full of stylishly arranged flowers.

We decided to leave Nelleke’s bouquet behind first, keeping a careful eye on it while we chatted for a bit. Sneakily hiding the buckets of flowers from view, we hid behind the corner of a building and watched to see what would happen. I kid you not, within 5 minutes, a lovely lady picked up the flowers and hopped on the bus. Super speedy!

We each carried a bucket down the busy streets of Amsterdam until we arrived at de Dam. We nestled in between lots of locals and tourists alike and began making our little bouquets on one of the many stairs in the middle of the square.

Satisfied that we’d used up nearly all of the flowers, we decided to go about our distributions before grabbing a bite to eat. Jammin’ Joey was up first. He took pride of place atop a marble bench right in the midst of the crowds of people.

Next up Nelleke went about putting Prominent Patricia on one of the stairs leading to a local grocery store. We giggled as people walked right past, giving Patty’s pretty flowers no love.

Our last bouquet, Simple Sasha, was left in the middle of a more laid-back and less-touristy shopping street only a few blocks further. We decided to grab a bite to eat before seeing how our flower friends had fared in among the bustling streets of Amsterdam.

Pretty Patricia had disappeared, but her glass jar was left behind. Tsk-tsk. I picked it up and put it back in my bag… recycle, reduce, reuse! :)  Simple Sasha was still sitting pretty, but we decided to leave her be. I felt confident that a store owner or local resident would surely give her a happy home. Back at de Dam, Jammin’ Joey was also still there! After noticing that he was surrounded by cafes full of onlookers, I realized that this probably wasn’t the best spot for Joey to be hanging out. We moved him, instead, to the entrance of a department store. Surely some shopper would show him a good time out on the town!

Needing to get back to our respective homes, Nelleke and I exchanged hugs and kisses and waved good-bye! Since I had just missed the  train and had about 20 minutes to wait, I decided to treat myself to a Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks… a little guilty pleasure did this American good! :)

It was so nice to meet Nelleke and to share this fun experience with her. I’m already looking forward to recreating the magic again in the future!

I’m Back!!! :)

Hi everyone!

I’ve missed you guys!! It’s crazy how much a few days away from this fun little blog can leave me with a little hole in my soul… a void that begs to be filled. As much as I’ve enjoyed the excitement and craziness of the past week, I now feel a craving to get back to wandering around the garden with my camera and giving all of my little plant pals a little extra TLC. I have to admit that, in the midst of all the Lonely Bouquet Day preparations, I’ve neglected them just a bit.

Since most of you flower friends (understandably) couldn’t make it to my house, I thought it would be fun for you to vicariously partake in the day’s festivities chez moi. So close your eyes (well, actually, keep reading), take a deep breath and imagine yourself rolling out of bed early-ish on Sunday morning… blue skies and sunshine pour through the window. Yes! After a few days of steady rainfall and chilly temperatures, you breathe a sigh relief to know that the special day dedicated to spreading smiles through flowers will be dry and drama-free.

You get yourself ready and hop in the car. The drive shouldn’t take too long! As you pull into the driveway, you immediately spot a few tables set up in the courtyard… one full of flowers I’ve already put together and another two “workspaces” full of freshly cut flowers for you to play with! We exchange some hugs, enjoy a cup of coffee and fresh bakery goodies (that’s probably why you came in the first place, isn’t it? ;)), and get down to business!

We get busy making our own little arrangements. It’s so much fun seeing what everyone else is putting together… some styles are loose and wild while others are more formal. We tie off one bouquet after the other, quickly using up the materials I’ve prepared. So I run back to the cutting garden and grab a few more handfuls of flowers for you to use! Fragrant roses, sweet william, knautia, anemone, feverfew, honeysuckle, veronica, larkspur, sweet peas, mint, oregano, mock orange, foxgloves, wildflowers… so much to choose from!

And yes, some of us really did wear flowers in our hair! With our stock replenished, we get back to making some more bouquets, chit-chatting and giggling as late morning slowly turns into early afternoon. My brother-in-law, Mark, dashes around the field foraging some more flowers for us to use!

As the sun rises higher in the sky, we realize that it’s probably time to get going. After all, we’ve made nearly 50 bouquets already! Time to sprinkle them throughout the region and spread some smiles! Some are in charge of filling the jars with water while others take care of carefully packing the Lonely Bouquets into their travel boxes. Take Mark, for example. He and Tobi took off toward Cologne with about 15 bouquets safely packed into their car!

We divide ourselves into five groups and pack up our cars before taking off in separate directions… some heading toward the Heuvelland region, others toward Maastricht. Some further into Belgium and some toward Germany! Which way will you head?

We wave farewell as my main man and I take the round-about scenic tour toward Maastricht. We leave little bouquets with tags attached behind at Val Dieu and in Teuven… on a picnic table near Sippenaeken, in Slenaken, and in downtown Margraten… at the American Cemetery in Margraten and in three separate spots in Maastricht. Phew! It feels good to leave so many flowers behind, and to know that so many from our flower power party are busy doing the same all throughout the region!

While we’re relaxing back at the house, the other flower power party in California is just getting started! My mom, Eva, Keira, Kendall, and Casey make three bouquets from their garden in celebration of the International Lonely Bouquet Day. They pack up their flower friends and drive toward Beverly Hills, Studio City, and Sherman Oaks. Apparently even my dad participated in the flower power capital of the world… San Francisco!

I’d like to thank you all so much for making yesterday such an amazing experience. Tjeu, Reineke, Jeroen, Annette, Raissa, Amelie, Marco, Mark, Tobi, Piet, Jose, Eva, Keira, Kendall, Casey, mom and dad. You guys are amazing and I couldn’t have done it with out you! Elizabeth, Susan, Joanna, Yvonne, Debi, Elodie, Nelleke, Laetitia, Alice, and all of you other awesome friends from facebook who joined in… thank you!!  And to all of you flower friends who vicariously helped out today, thank you too! Without you, I wouldn’t have had anyone to cheer me on as I traveled along my year-long  journey full of Lonely Bouquet adventure!

If you’re interested in taking a peek at the activity that took place all over the world yesterday, you can look at this world map full of flower power! And if you’re thinking “hey! I want to do this!”, then come on over and sign up for the next big event! You’ll only have to wait a year ;)

Lonely Bouquets: If at First You Don’t Succeed…

Hi there everyone!
Monday again, huh? If you ask me, that weekend flew by way too quickly! Last Friday we left off with a summary of the latest international Lonely Bouquet activity… but I wanted to share some of my own recent Lonely Bouquet adventures with you guys as well. If you follow the facebook page, you probably haven’t seen me sharing many of my own flowers… which is mostly because I want to give the new arrivals to flower fanaticism some time to shine. It’s so wonderful that the concept of the Lonely Bouquet has struck a chord with so many within the flower community, and I’d like to inspire many more to follow suit! :)

If I had to choose one word to sum up my Lonely Bouquet experiences in the last week, it would be… fail. I use that word cautiously, because, as you’ll see, in the end everything turned out fine and dandy. But the road to a successful week of distributions wasn’t easy…

Our adventure starts off in the cutting garden, where, to my pleasant surprise, the dramatic weather hasn’t done too much damage. The peonies have peaked, the salvias are in full swing, the love-in-a-mist has become a sea over-flowing with waves of soft blue. The cornflowers are just beginning to open, the anemone are still going strong, and the fragrant herbs are putting on a good show.

From a few handfuls of freshly-cut flowers, I was able to put together three lovely little Lonely Bouquets. The first, Indigo Isabelle, was full of fragrant Festiva Maxima peonies, salvia Mainnacht, Mr. Fokker anemone, mint, and love-in-a-mist.

The second bouquet, Sweet Serena, also had a few Festiva Maxima and Karl Rosenfeld peonies. Thyme, knautia, anemone, salvia, and love-in-a-mist completed the ensemble.

The third, Relaxed Rita, included a simple mix of Karl Rosenfeld peonies, love-in-a-mist, mint, and thyme.

Serena was up first. Although I’ve never had any luck in Aubel, I decided to give it one more go. Due to the long evenings full of warm weather, the sidewalk cafes were full of customers. I left Serena on a curbside bench, where restaurant patrons would be sure to notice her… or not.

The sunny skies had lured me into a false sense of security… and when I awoke at 3 am to the sound of thunder and heavy winds, I got a bit worried. I had taken a gamble on Aubel, and now this crazy weather would surely wreck the flowers should they have been, yet again, ignored and forgotten. Lo and behold, after I rushed into town early the next morning, there Serena was. Luckily the moist conditions had kept her looking fresh and no worse for wear! I picked up the poor, lonely bouquet, put it back in the car and drove it home to get her ready for another attempt! If at first you fail… :)

Iris was the next to go. She waited atop an electric box in downtown Vaals (the Netherlands) while I went about a little grocery shopping. When she was still there and the afternoon shoppers kept passing her by without giving her a second glance, I decided to move her. I kept my fingers crossed as I set her down on a brick wall near several restaurants and quickly walked away.

Luck was on her side! Amazing Astrid swooped down and rescued Iris before the thunderstorm could wreak havoc!

Relaxed Rita spent the afternoon sitting on a wooden bench in Slenaken. I was sure that a hiker or pancake-eater would sweep her off her feet. Unfortunately, she was still there when I drove by to check. Just like Serena, I put Rita back in the car and vowed to show her a better time tomorrow.

And that I did! I left Serena on a picnic bench where I had occasionally seen some travelers enjoying a summertime snack. I knew the chances of someone seeing her were slim… but, sure enough, within an hour she was gone! Although I didn’t hear anything from her foster family, I’m sure she found a happy home. There was a huge caravan of VW vans… so maybe one of the drivers was channeling some inner flower power spirit and picked her up!

Rita traveled with me all the way to my favorite little ice-cream stand in Camerig. I left her by the garbage can (what a juxtaposition!) for another ice-cream eater to enjoy. Within seconds she was adopted into the happy home of lovely Lan! :)

So, you see fellow flower friends… failure isn’t always set in stone. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. :)

Have a wonderful day, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Have Bouquet, Will Travel

Good evening flower friends!

Phew! I hope you’ve packed your suitcases and worn some comfy clothes for traveling, ’cause this week’s Lonely Bouquets took us all over the place! I know you might have already spotted a lot of these images on the facebook page, but I couldn’t resist sharing a bit more about these awesome photos. It’s so amazing to watch this movement grow to include new countries (places I have never been before!), new cultures, and new local communities. I hadn’t really thought about it before, but besides putting a smile on a stranger’s face, the Lonely Bouquets also serve as a great way to connect with your “neighbors” and support small businesses.  I love, love, love seeing so many local florists (both big and small) getting swept up in the giving spirit!

But wait, Lonely Bouquets aren’t just for florists, right? That’s why I thought it would be fun to start our tour in good ol’ sunny California. That’s right, my lovely friend Monica and her right-hand-man, Baby James, were eager to make a Lonely Bouquet from some of the fabulous rose bushes growing right in their front yard. You don’t have to be a professional to whip up one heck of a beautiful bouquet! This bouquet, by the way, was happily taken home by a young man named Abel from Calabasas :)

Next up we’ll be heading further inland, through Chicago and right on over to the East Coast. The friendly flower folks from Twisted Stem Floral, Elkton Florist, Daley’s Florist & Country Expressions all joined forces to make several US cities just a bit more colorful and bright.

Buckle your seatbelts, ’cause this one is going to be a long haul. Hop on board the non-stop flight straight from New Jersey to Oveido, Spain! Marina put together two beautiful bouquets that were found by two equally beautiful young ladies! The two nature lovers, Viktoria and Mara, were walking their dogs when they spotted the lonely flowers.

Now we’ll hop, skip, and jump a bit all over the place… from Daley’s Florist & Country Expressions in Connecticut to Sisters In Bloom Kukka- & Juhlapalvelu in Finland… from Kingsthorpe with Helen from Tim Hill Photography and Brighton with the fabulous ladies of Florian.

Since the UK seems to be a real Lonely Bouquet hotspot, why don’t we take it easy and stick around a bit longer… you never know where another bouquet will pop up! Let’s toodle around the English countryside with Bouquets Florist Newton Abbot, The Poundbury Florist, Knutsfordbloom, and Amanda Steele.

Last, but not least, we’ll visit a few more English towns before heading back home. Don’t you think that Just Flowers, Rebecca from Gingerlily Flowers, and Flower Passion did a great job with their bouquet placements?

I couldn’t squeeze all of the bouquets into one post, but all of these flower photos and more can be found on the facebook page! I hope you enjoyed our whirlwind tour through cities and towns, both big and small. And now, I’ll leave you with some smiles courtesy of Hedgehogg Florist, Blue Geranium and Roots, Fruits & Flowers

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, full of happiness and smiles! :)

Lonely Bouquets: Maastricht Madames

Good evening everyone, and happy Friday! Woo-hoo! Do you guys have any big plans for the weekend? Any big parties? Fancy dinners? Outdoor adventures? I have a feeling our weekend will end up being pretty low-key (phew!), with lots of quality “us” time. Rain… we’ll stay cozy indoors. Shine… we’ll picnic and play outside! :)

For the final post this week, I wanted to share the latest installment of the Lonely Bouquet low-down. I can hardly believe that we’re creeping toward 300 flower fanatics who have signed up for the big event on the 30th! Today we got our first sign-ups from Japan… which means we’ve pretty much reached each and every continent! Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe, North America… we’re just waiting on South America. There have been a couple folks from Mexico, but that doesn’t quite count, hah! I’m so excited that the flower fever is spreading, and I hope it can continue to infect many more! :)

Now it’s time for you to meet my two sophisticated ladies… and one wild child who made the drive to Maastricht in search of some company of the human kind. First up was Lady Cobalt. Her fancy flowers in all shades of violet and blue included anemone, clematis, sweet william, woolly mint, sage flowers, and astrantia.

She poised herself gracefully atop a wooden bench on the Onze-Lieve-Vrouweplein, carefully sizing up each pedestrian who passed and each biker who pedaled by.

The next luxuriously lady-like bunch was the dear Duchess of Mauve. Her outfit of anemone, allium flowers, field geranium, sweet william, mint, and astrantia accentuated her sophisticated charm.

She surveyed the park-goers and picnickers from her perch atop a bench.

Last, but not least, was the wild child of the bunch. Crazy Catherine wasn’t afraid of color. When she saw the vivid violet of the salvia, the bright blue of the anemone, the neon orange of the poppies, and the deep red of the sweet william, she thought to herself… I want it all!

She let her colors shine from a park bench overlooking the pond. She smiled at everyone who passed by, hoping that they, too, would appreciate her colorful collection of pretty petals!

And finally, I have a happy ending to the Maastricht Bunch to share with you all. Although the fate of Crazy Catherine and the Duchess of Mauve remain unknown… Lady Cobalt snuck her way into the hearts of three “young” ladies from a local retirement home. It had been a while since these three lovely Madames of Maastricht had been on an outing, and stumbling upon a surprise bunch of flowers made it all that much more special for them!

I hope you enjoyed the stories of the latest Lonely Bouquets… and I look forward to sharing the next news with you as the countdown to the International Lonely Bouquet Day begins!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend full of fun! :)