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Buds and Blossoms

sunshine collage

Holy smokes, what a beautiful day today turned out to be! Nothing but sunshine, blue skies, amazingly mild temperatures, no wind, and the sounds of birds and bees getting off to an early spring start. I know that yesterday’s post carried a promise of outdoor fun, but I had no clue that today would turn out to beĀ this much fun.

Since the spring blossoms (wild cherry and forsythia) that had been snipped and brought inside for forcing have finally opened up, I wanted to capture some of the natural beauty that’s springing to life in the great outdoors. After working in the veggie garden for several enjoyable hours, off I waddled with my camera around my neck.

Past the handsome horse curiously peeking over the hedges… past iron gates beckoning me to venture further…

I followed a shallow creek that runs along the valley of my favorite forest path until I reached my ultimate destination… the very first blossoming trees! I’m torn between presenting these trees as a member of the sloe family or a “cherry plum”. Hmmm… they definitely have the thorns characteristic of sloe, but they are quite tall and are flowering earlier than any of the bushes in our field.

Whatever it may be, it sure is beautiful! The only clouds in the sky were the dense clusters of bright white blossoms hanging high above my head.

I plucked a few tiny buds to bring back home and place beneath the blossom branches I have already coerced into bloom.

I don’t know about you guys, but it feels pretty wonderful to enjoy the beauty of spring both inside and out. Do you like to bring any special branches or bulbs inside to get the sights and smells of springtime off to an early start?

Hopefully tomorrow will be just as beautiful today, and hopefully you’ll join me tomorrow evening for a strictly spring handheld arrangement! :)

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