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Bouquets for Berlin

bakhuis collage

Happy Monday, everyone!

I hope that you thoroughly enjoyed your weekend and made the most of your time off. Ours seemed to fly by, but I suppose that’s not necessarily a bad thing! Today was actually another “off” day for us here in Belgium, as the 11th of the 11th is both Armistice Day and the start of the Carnival season. While I didn’t participate in any official celebrations, I did get to partake in a little flower fun and meet up with a lovely local lady! :)

I awoke with a startle after squinting out of the window through sleepy eyes at a field full of frost. Eek! Luckily for me and my flowers, I had raided the garden the day before and brought lots of blooms inside. Not that I can congratulate myself on making a conscious decision based on a careful review of weather predictions and frost fears… nope. In a stroke of pure luck, I had brought the flowers inside with the intent to create a few Lonely Bouquets destined to travel far and wide.

Hydrangea heads from my in-laws garden, sweet peas (!!!), red and magenta dahlias, amaranth, dark queen anne’s lace, painted sage, anemone, roses, snapdragons and Sweet William all breathed a sigh of relief at the thought of enjoying a cozy evening in the living room.

The quirky qualities of the late season flowers are especially fun. Rather than tall singular spikes of indigo blue-colored foliage, the painted sage gets an aged makeover. In a hastened attempt to put on one last show, it generates a cluster of short antique-looking stems. None the less striking than their earlier-season cousins, these beauties exude charm and personality.

I still can’t believe that I’m cutting sweet peas in November… sowing a scattering of seeds in June is most definitely something I’ll be doing in the years to come. What a wonderful way to prolong the growing season of such a staple flower for romantics and perfume-lovers!

After tying on the “take me” tags in both German and English, I tucked the bouquets into their travel box and loaded them into the car.

We took a short drive to Bakhuis, one of my favorite spots for fresh-from-the-farm ice cream and soup, to meet up with a lovely lady named Jenny. After her friend happened upon a Lonely Bouquet, Jenny was eager to find out more about the project… and with a trip planned to visit her daughter in Berlin, she was inspired to bring a few flower friends along for the ride!

It’s always so much fun to meet up with passionate locals. It’s like going on a little blind date… anxious to see one-another for the first time, excited to get to know someone new, and eager to share in some flower fun! :)

I hope you’ll join me in wishing Jenny and the flowers a very safe and happy trip to Berlin. You’re probably just as excited as I am to hear all about the adventures our blossom buddies will enjoy abroad! :)

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