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All Quiet on the Lonely Bouquet Front

maiden 6

Hey folks, it’s that time of the week again- time for another Lonely Bouquet post. This week, however, it seems as if the bouquets have been very… well, lonely. The flowers seemed to have forgotten all about me after they left my hands. Not a single one sent an e-mail after finding a new home with their foster families. That being said, I’m sure they are all happy and healthy, wherever they may be!

We started our distributions in Gulpen, where the Gulpener Bierfest was in full swing! Despite the 90 degree weather, these petaled party-goers were determined to hit the town.

This creamy and dreamy bouquet full of dahlias, cleome, sweet peas, and sweet william, relaxed in the shade on some stairs.

Lil’ Miss Purple dressed herself in the finest dahlias (Le Baron, Nuit d’Ete, and Sandra), sweet peas, and Magic Mountain basil.

She sat atop a fruit crate next to the vending machines in Wahlwiller, hoping that the next fruit-lover to pass by would be a flower-lover as well!

Madame Rose got all gussied up in her prettiest party-pinks. She used Sandra and Ice Cube dahlias, sweet peas, annual scabiosa, and double-click cosmos to complete her outfit.

She patiently enjoyed some time in the shade, waiting for a party-goer to appreciate her girly get-up.

The next day we headed toward the market in Aubel and the abbey of Val Dieu.

Peachy petals of dahlias (Break Out, and Sylvia) combined nicely with the cool tones of wild mint and Charlie’s Angel sweet peas.

This lil’ guy waited on a bench in Aubel hoping to attract a little attention. And, no, this lovely lady sharing the bench with Peachy did not take him home.

Lovely Lilac included Sandra, Soulman, and Le Baron dahlias, wild mint, sweet peas, and a Blue Moon rose.

She disappeared quickly from her position as guardian of the Val Dieu gates.

Dusky dahlias (Sylvia, Witteman’s Best, Nuit d’Ete, and Red Fox) chose the periwinkle petals of wild mint and Charlie’s Angel sweet peas as their companions.

It shared a brief chat and a good-bye hug with Eva before spending a few moments on the Val Dieu stairs.

Lastly, Orangeou Glad offered newcomers to the abbey a warm welcome from her perch on the stairs of the information building.

Her orange dahlias (Karma Gold and Sylvia) enjoyed the company of blue cornflowers, painted sage, wild mint, and sweet peas.

IĀ apologizeĀ that I don’t have any exciting poems, stories, or foster family photos to share with you this time around. Isn’t it strange how some weeks can be so full of interaction while others leave you guessing? I hope that next week will bring more activity… the e-mails and pictures that find their way to my inbox make this whole project so much more interesting and exciting :)

Have a terrific weekend everyone, and I’ll see you on Monday for an easy art project straight from the garden!

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