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All about the Anemone

anemone collage 1

Hello there, friends!

With the daffodils and tulips taking their sweet time to poke through the earth, this spring has, so far, been all about the anemone. I’ve never seen them spring to life with such a passion. Their vivid violets, soft whites, and glistening eyelashes surrounding the dramatically dark inner “eye” make for an striking show of early color in the cutting garden. Most of you guys will recognize these beautiful anemone¬†coronaria, commonly grown as cut flowers, but there are lots of other cultivars that bring the spring garden to life.

You might have already caught sight of these fragile white flowers rising above the forest floor. The carpet of white created by colonies of¬†anemone nemorosa may put on more of a subtle and subdued spring show than it’s colorful cousins, but what it lacks in intensity and size it most certainly compensates with in sheer mass. Once these guys get established, there’s no stopping them!

Another little cutie is the anemone blanda, a daisy-like rosette of thin and dainty petals. Like all of the others, these shy flowers curl closed as dusk falls or during dark and dreary weather. They also tend to close up once brought inside for arranging… oops.

Despite their differences, the various anemone growing in my garden combine nicely into a precious little posy of bright blues and whites. While the majority of the corms that I’ve planted in the garden have come up a solid color, I seem to have lucked out with this one beautiful variegated specimen. If only I could order a whole bag of those colors… *sigh*

Do you guys have any anemone growing in the garden? Are you already reaping the benefits of an early spring crop? In celebration of my birthday and the courageous crop of anemone, I think that I’ll cut all of the mature blooms tomorrow and spread a few of this season’s very first Lonely Bouquets from the garden! :)

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