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A Sunny Sunday Afternoon of Lonely Bouquets

lonely bouquet aubel mieke

Hello again, guys!

I hope you’re all doing well on this wonderful Wednesday. I know the weather (rain!) has played a central element in my most recent posts… but today I’d like to share the fun afternoon adventure we had during the one day of relatively lovely weather. On Sunday, as the misty morning made way for blue skies and sunshine, I ran around the garden cutting all of the dahlias I could carry. With a basket-full of pink, orange, red, peach, burgundy, and purple dahlias, I made my way back inside with a head full of big plans. In order to celebrate the break in bad weather, we decided to take a little car ride around the local villages to leave behind little bundles of garden flowers.

First up was Val Dieu! We left one bouquet atop a stone wall along a walking path and another bunch of sunflowers on a bench. Lucky for the brightly colored bunch of dahlias, Mieke, Ivo, and Alice swooped them up and brought them home :)

A third bouquet full of pink dahlias was left on a picnic bench near Bushaye. It didn’t take long before I got a sweet message from Lucie thanking us for the happy surprise!

We hopped back in the car and traveled a bit further until we reached Slenaken. We left one bunch of sunflowers on a bench near the village cemetery and another colorful ensemble on a bench located right smack in the middle of the village cafes.

Next up was Epen. We left one bouquet on a roadside bench, crossing our fingers that it would catch someone’s eye. Another bunch was left at our favorite ice cream joint in Camerig. Yum!

The final two bouquets were left on a couple of benches found along the local walking paths. As I was setting down the bouquet on the left, I spotted a couple ladies walking in my direction. Unspotted, I snapped a couple pictures and scurried away. Just as I had hoped, they stopped to smell the one very fragrant rose included in the arrangement. Grinning from ear to ear, Hedwig and Marjon took the flowers with them for the remainder of their Sunday hike :)

It’s always wonderful to see the happy faces of those who find the flowers. For me, that’s the best part!

Here’s hoping that the dahlias, sunflowers, and other autumn favorites will continue to put on a good show for a while longer. If all goes according to plan, the Lonely Bouquets and I can keep taking advantage of any and all dry days!

Wishing you all a lovely afternoon, evening, or a very good morning. See you tomorrow! :)


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