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A Beautiful Blossom in a Bulb

blossom collage

“Faith sees a beautiful blossom in a bulb, a lovely garden in a seed, and a giant oak in an acorn.” – William Arthur Ward

What a touching quote. It’s with great patience, forethought, imagination, and sweat that a garden is grown. Nothing happens overnight, and you can bet your bottom booty that nothing will happen without a little (or a lot!) of elbow grease. To me, that’s the great gift of a gardener- to see beauty in something as small as a scraggly-looking seed, to see the potential for so much life in something that, to the naked eye, looks pretty darn dead, and to provide just the right circumstances and tender loving care needed to help the garden grow.

This winter, my big plan was to expand the selection of spring flowers in the cutting garden. With just a handful of daffodils and tulips sporadically scattered around the borders, spring has been the only growing season with scarcely any flowers.

Terribly tardy, I set about placing an order for spring bulbs right before the cut-off date for deliveries arrived. Oops. Days later, I received a carefully packaged set of crates packed to the brim with spring bulbs and lots of extra goodies. Many thanks to Fluwel for the top quality bulbs, gifts, and speedy delivery. Yay!

A fun variety of bulbs in an array of colors and textures has been slowly making its way into the garden. Each day, I’ve dedicated an allotted amount of time to cleaning out the gaps between the roses and planting the promise of sweet spring flowers.

Deep reds, peaches, purples, and whites… I’m keeping my fingers crossed that most (all?) of the bulbs will gather their strength during the winter in order to put on a stellar performance come spring.

This is all a bit new to me, so I can only have faith and trust that there’s a beautiful blossom just waiting to explode from every bulb! :)

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